Holocaust 'the massive killings' of European Jews

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The Holocaust

The word 'Holocaust' was coined from a Greek word 'sacrifice by fire', it can also be associated with the word Genocide, which originally derived from a Greek word genos 'race' and a Latin suffix cide 'act of killings'. The Holocaust is one the the worse episode in the history of man kind, from the Jewish nation. The Jew suffered from this unprecedented event for 12 years, they become terrorized and killed by the Nazi rule. It is a propaganda of Adolf Hitler from Germany, in 1933 - 1945.

Mass grave of Holocaust victims ~SOURCE

Adolf Hitler ~SOURCE

The German and believes that they are racially superior than those Jews, who are deemed inferior. Hitler and the majority of his countrymen wants to wipe out the entire Jewish population by using a forceful power. While the other group has been persecuted according to their ideological and political grounds, many of them are from the #Communist party, #Socialist community and all of those #Jehovah's-Witnesses who refused to serve Hitler.

As the German tyranny and power disseminate across the entire European countries, the Nazi and its regimen persecuted and slaughtered a hundred thousand to millions of people. Many Soviet prisoners of war were suffering from killings, starvation, disease and abuse. Even the non Jewish people from Poland has been forced labor, until they died while working.

The victims and war prisoners of Holocaust under the Nazi power

The war prisoners have a separated detention room, they are classified according to their gender, religions, race, age and etc. As we can see in those images above that the victims and prisoner of the Holocaust are being neglected and suffered from deep pain, they are also subjected to persecution. I never want to imagine to see myself, to be in a same situation as them.

Those people who suffered from the atrocity of Hitler are so unfortunate, their freedom, faith, beliefs and their life has been denied and taken away. That's why we should be more thankful for our today's situation, because we are enjoying the freedom that we achieved out of colonialism under the foreign invaders.

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My boyfriend and I were just discussing the atrocities of Hitler and how he was able to manipulate the minds of those Germans who joined with him in this horrific Act of genocide. This is a good reminder about one terrible person can influence and destroy just by his mind and influence. I'm glad that he chose to take himself out, and he revealed himself as the coward he was.

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He realized later that his regimen will going to collapse soon, that's why he committed suicide, but some people says that the suicide was only a fabricated story to evade his punishment and all of the consequences.

heartbreaking and horrible history of the Nazis. We're just luck and thank God that we don't have that kind of monstrous act of genocide! thanks for sharing this post bro.

Let's pray for them

Oh... I hope he did not survive. These are the kind of times but I just have to allow God to do his own judgement.

the saddest era in world history.. 1939 to 1945.. many of the SS have escaped and never face war crime trials.. in my opinion, many jews died in vain.. so sad

yes, that is one of the saddest, but did you have any idea on what is the 'most'? Just use google and you will be shocked when you find out the truth.

just saw those pictures ... they really are scared faces :( it was one mass murder :(

really creepy and heartbreaking isn't it?

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Dude the Holocaust is a big lie don't believe all what you read in media and books and stop giving false information you are from the Philippines how the fuck you know ahhh yes from lying books and stupid media.Check this post here and you get a bit of real informationhttps://steemit.com/israel/@socioecohistory/the-holocaust-6-million-lie-population-of-jews-1938-15-748-million-1948-15-753-million. And just to let you know who the fuck is ruling the world and is responsible for almost all wars you know it no okay I tell you it's Family Rothschild which are jews.
So for next time do a better research before writing false information.

Edit here is one more good post check it out https://steemit.com/history/@jjyeshua/the-holocaust-is-a-talmudic-jewish-lie

I respect your opinion, but during that time, we are invaded by the Japanese empire, which one of the three from Axis alliance. They have the same vision, that is to show how powerful their country are, they are trying to colonized other weaker country than them, and it's obvious. Let the history speak for it-self. then let people decide on what they are going to believe.

Awwww good thing we didnt live in that country and time , that's much worst during spanish era in our country ..

yes we are so lucky we didn't, but the Filipino suffers from the Spaniard's hand too. We have almost alike experience as them.

Nice piece. I wouldn't want this kind of situation to arise in this modern time tho. It will be painful and unberable

yes me too, but we don't know what will happen into our future.


so much indeed

very sad history. We are blessed not to experience such thing

yes so sad

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Intresting post. Will upvote.

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those photos are really very heart touching

yes it is, but the story behind it, really does