The Myth of The Birth of The First King in Shilla Dynasty

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Every country has it’s myth relating to the beginning.
The myth must’ve been very effective way to keep the legitimacy of the country and integrate it’s people.

Like other you countries, Shilla also has it’s myth of the beginning and construction of Country.
In many case, the contents of the myths are mainly related to the birth of the first king.

Interest thing is that the myth of Shilla is composed of two parts, one was for the King, the other was the Queen.

In this posting, I’d like to introduce on the King’s birth myth.

The first king of Shilla dynasty was Park Hyeokgeose.

The myth told that the first king Park Hyeokgeose was born from the egg.
When the first king was born, Shilla was composed of 6 tribes and there was no king.

At first Shilla was composed of a union of 6 tribes.
One day a chief among 6 tribes heard a horse crying near his place.

As he got closer, he found a white horse kneed and was embracing the egg near the well, name of Na Jeong.

As the chief took the egg apart, there was a baby boy.

He was named of Park Hyeokgeose.
He became an originator of the family name ‘Park’
It is believed all people who have the family name of Park are the descendants of Park Hyeokgeose.

When he became 13 years old, all 6 tribes agreed Park Hyeokgeose as the first king.

The place where he was born in was located out side of Gyeongju city and it’s name was Na Jeong.

It took 30 minuets by Bus.
When I was get there, there was nothing special.
It was not easy to find where it was.


The explanation board told that Na Jeong had been excavated for several years ago.


Na Jeong was covered again after the excavation.




It was strange why there was not a building to memorize the birth of Shilla Kingdom.
Na Jeong must’ve been the very sacred place for Shilla dynasty.
There should be a building to memorize the birth of the First King.

The boad explained the result of the excavation of the place.
There had been four times of construction of some building in Shilla dynasty for memorizing the myth.

There was no other explanations on the relics found there.

One thing interesting is there were so many stories on the well in the myth of Shilla dynasty.
It’s hard to understand why scholars were not interested on the meaning of the wells which were related to the myth.

I was walking around Na Jeong slowly.
At the corner of the area, there were lots of stone parts which must’ve been used for the building.




I heard that this place was the center of Shilla dynasty when Park Hyeokgeose became a King.
The palace was said to be built near this place.
But there was nothing particular for estimating Na Jeong area as the Palace.

Later the palace was move near of Gyeongju city.
The moving of the palace usually meant the transfer of the political power of Kingdom.

There were 3 family names among Kings in Shilla dynasty.

First family names was Park
Second family name was Seok
Third family name was Kim
Except Seok, Park and Kim have their myth of family name originator.
Later Kim succeeded King’s reign regularly.

When King’s chair was transferred to Kim’s family, the Palace must’ve moved to the present place.

Leaving all but ruined sacred place, I realized our lives must be a short moment and all desires but a meaningless.

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One of the most interesting myth I heard from Asians is that when crow's sound is coming from your garden, it means that some guests are coming to meet you at your house.

Interesting to know about the myth about the origins of the king, it is just amazing that lots of people believed it. In my county there is also a myth that our ancestors came from a bamboo tree and as a child I once believed it too.

These origins of the birth and names of the dynasties are quite interesting as they just show their majesty, might, and grandeur but after sometime they would end.


Thank you for your comment
good luck as always


Nice post👍 It’s better than searching in korean history book. Thank you for introducing our history for worldwide

Beautiful photos, an interesting story, everything as always. Thank you!

nice post

Really enjoy your posts, always informative and stimulating.History teaches us a lot and reminds us of the fleeting nature of life.

Good post !

A good read

nice postDQmSHPN9YisEkq8QLpywF47rFEraSVN94fP5m5bVF7F4YpK.gif

I've heard myth of different places but this particular one is really funny to say a King was actually born from an egg
Scientifically, it is impossible but as myth may have it, it has a way of being true for them
Nice discovery @slowwalker

Natural panorama is so beautiful and very natural, you choose the right place, indeed you are a reliable archaeologist in researching a study. I think this post is amazing, contains a lot of information about the history that is still awake its culture. Good job brother @slowwalker


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@slowwalker........such a excellent story. i read your story. and your picture..... post is sooooo....... wonderful.nice....... photography i just like. good think.... and good job.. all the best...... and thanks..... for share


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myth is a relic of the people of the era.


good point

wery good

Perhaps, myth is very trusted by the previous generation. Our grandfather's generation may be.
the present generation is not very confident in the myth.

I think, myth is more trusted in my place than in your country, because Korean people are more intelligent smarter the people of Indonesia.


Did you really have to post this "because Korean people are more intelligent smarter the people of Indonesia"?


the myth is not an intellectual matter but a matter of historical relic or epic

photography nature is very nice kawan.saya lightest about a story see your post.iam apvote adn resteem your post my friend.plees visit my blog.thanks

such a nice story. We actually live in a world of myth. History is all around us. Great post though

Nice story and pix. Please can you tell my own story too?

place well informed, for anyone who likes to travel do not forget to place that in visit by @slowwalker, because I see very beautiful


Thank you so much

The first baby I fell in love with was Korean born. His mother, my sister-in-law was a Kim, so stories of Korea always interest me.

So, does this provide evidence that indeed the egg came first? -- (kidding)

The myth told that the first king Park Hyeokgeose was born from the egg.
When the first king was born, Shilla was composed of 6 tribes and there was no king.

photography is very nice and beautiful, upvoter and resteem


Thank you

eyes seemed to come out when looking at the natural scenery is very natural there du there. surely you enjoy it very much and I am happy to see how you do it. Have a nice day @slowwalker.


Thank you so much

Every where and every country have a myth especially about the birth of king or the leader like the myth of king majapahit in indonesia, thanks for your sharing to us, success always for you brother @slowwalker, i always wait for your post and have upvoted and resteem your post to more than 1320 my follower, greeting friendship from me @abialfatih


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Very good story for us to read it my friend I am very happy to read your post my friend .. and continue to share info about my friend's story .. and success always make you my good friend yes. and please help me yes buddy yes @slowwalker

history that deserves to be preserved, and become an interesting history, with the mythical story of the king, and very interesting to read and deserves to expand so that everyone can read the history of korea, especially the shilla city, and his story is very interesting, @slowwalker


Thank you so much for your reading

Nice Photography
Good post friend @slowwalker
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You are welcome my friend @slowwalker

The story that attracted friends thank you for sharing his information, success always make you @slowwalker ..

It is true that @slowwalker say, all countries have myths, thank you for sharing. Good post, upvote once yes

Water being a common necessity of life, it figures into many creation myths. Some, such as the ancient Egyptians and the Christian Bible, have water first, then creation. Destruction is also caused by water in the Great Flood. So, yes, while different, the myth of a king born near a well still bears similarities to many creation myths. I guess water also figured into the myth of King Arthur as well, having received the sword Excalibur from the Lady in the Lake.


So interesting.
May be water has it's specific meaning to the unconsciousness of human being


Human beings are made up of up to 60% water. One of the first things scientists look for in a potential second Earth is whether it contains water, it being a necessity for life.

The Native American demonstrations last year at Standing Rock in the Dakotas was all about protecting the water. They branded themselves as "water protectors." I feel bad referring to this as a brand, but this really resonated with people. Water has mythological meaning that works when trying to persuade people to your side.

Great content. Love everything. Keep inspiring!

Yeah, it is strange to me too why there is nothing here to memorize the birth of Shilla. Did you find further information from other sources such as books about the reasons?


Yes, I did.
But there was no explanation

Very interesting legend! Although you did not find what you were expecting to see, you made incredibly beautiful photos of nature.


Agree too!


exactly you are right

Wow,great historical as well as mythological post.You had already mentioned in your earlier post about the shilla dynasty,great to know about the first king's legendary birth stories.In india too we had lots of legendary kings and queens,like Rama,Krish ,Siva ,Lakhmi,Parbati etc.Thanks for the great post and pictures.Wish you a great day from India.


Thank you so much
the myth of Shilla dynasty has a close relationship with India.
There are lots of stories on India in the myth


very nice dear friends I love myth

Nice story. Your posts was awesome, i kept on reading your posts. Waiting for more interesting posts😄

good job :D

According to Samguk Sagi, a prince from the Buyeo Timur kingdom named Jumong fled after a power struggle with another prince in the kingdom, and he founded a kingdom named Goguryeo in 37 BC in an area called Jolbon Buyeo. It is presumably now located in the middle of the Yalu and Tung-chia valleys on the border of North Korea and Manchuria. Some historians believe that Goguryeo may have been established earlier, ie, in the 2nd century BC. In the ancient Chinese history book, Han Shu, Goguryeo said in Chinese script was first written in 113 BC when it was a small country under the control of Xuantu district. In the records of the Ancient Book of the Tang, it is mentioned that Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty mentioned that the history of Goguryeo approaches 900 years. In 75 BC, a group called Yemaek, thought to be an original element of Goguryeo, attacked Xuantu District from the west of the Yalu river valley.
However, from written evidence from the Tang history books, Samguk Sagi, Nihon Shoki and so on tend to favor the year 37 BC or the middle of the 1st century BC for the establishment of Goguryeo. Proof of archaeological objects may support the existence of the Yemaek tribe in the 2nd century BC, but there is no direct evidence to explain whether they call their group Goguryeo. The first mention of the word Goguryeo as a group linked to the Yemaek tribe can be found in the references in Han Shu that tell the Goguryeo rebellion of AD 12, when they escape from Xuantu's influence. At this very moment the Goguryeo leaders began to change their titles to the title of Chinese leader, wang.
At its founding, the possibility of Goguryeo is a combination of Buyeo and Yemaek people. The Chinese Babad San Guo Zhi mentions in the section entitled Notes on Barbarians from the East, mentions that the Buyeo and Yemaek tribes are ethnically related and speak the same language. Nice history @slowwalker


Thank you so much for your comment
Then, Who are you ?
You explained very professional part of Korean ancient history.

You'd better to continue posting on Goguryeo history

Many ancient myths and origin stories have a seed of truth hidden behind all the symbolism. Thanks for the amazing legend, loved it.


Thank you for reading

Nice story Friend.slowwalker@

'Park' means gourd dipper and the egg where first king came from looks like gourd dipper. That's the reason why he was called 'Park'

I think you have deep understanding of the Korean history.

Good job, very nice Photography. I like it

Very impressive story @slowwalker big king Kim :)

Beautifull photography interesting job keep it up

Woow beautiful photography.. thank you for a good post.. @slowwalker

After your blog, I decided. Someday I will come there (in Korea).

But I would like to ask you whether you heard anything about the recent earthquakes? Obviously you have more access to information (local media and so on). I think this is a temporary effect. It's very interesting what the residents think about this. In the end it can be speculation.
Thank you very much

  2. Park Si-soo, Chung Hyun-chae, Kim Rahn (2016, September 12). Strongest-ever earthquake hits Korea, tremors felt nationwide. Retrieved March 13, 2018, from
  3. H. (2016, July 06). Korea no longer safe from earthquakes: experts. Retrieved March 13, 2018, from

Yes, there was the earthquake.
But is was not so serious as reported.
more serious place was Pohang city, 1 hour distance by car from Gyeongju city

Cerita mitos yang sangat bagus

That's looks like really nice place

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Interesting mythology content. It was a good real. Thank you for sharing.

First time I heard Shilla from Hwarang drama. I still confused with Korean's dinasty. I think I losed my imagination why and when that'shappened. Thanks for your article, it's helping me in a little abour history.


Yes every history is complicated.
How the human life cannot be complicated.


But the message of every history is great!
Please visit me too 😅

Hiiiiii my friend..... R u doing well ????

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일부러 아이디도 @knowkorea 라고 했는데, 아직 많은 반응이 없더라고요.
아무래도 꾸준히 더 포스팅해야겠습니다.
간단한 영어지만 흐름이 끊이지않는 스토리와 적절한 사진. 신라 역사뿐아니라 포스팅 기술도 매번 보며 배우도록 노력해서 외국인들에게 한국에 대해 알릴수있도록 더 꾸준히 노력하겠습니다!


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The natural beauty of the beautiful lilabhumi.......

güzel paylaşım :)

wow natural wonderful photography and nice history. thanks for share.

Lovely photography

Bagus untuk menambah ilmu

A very wonderful story really was the king of a legend
There are many legends to find out about

A very strange and incomprehensible story. Is there a secret that can not be discovered? Photos are beautiful, trees and sky are for enjoyment.


Thank you so much

see your writing, reminds me of the movie I've ever watched "The Great Quen Seondeok", the plot is so interesting that it sometimes makes me laugh and cry at some point.
Slightly different from you who tells the first king of the silla dynasty, In The Great Quen Seondeok film tells of the first queen of the Sillah dynasty filled with tragedy since its birth. just try watching, you will be interested :D


Drama is a drama.


yes it is certain, but this drama is lifted from the history of silla dynasty


Really ?
I heard that the first queen was very wise woman, who was born from the egg like her husband

Such an interesting legend. We usually think of myths as fiction. However, in each such history there is an important and not at all fantastic beginning. Indeed, these stories have been passed on for thousands of years. Acquire new details and exaggerations. However, in my opinion they bear important and big information about the people, about origin of the settlement. In my village, too, there are some amazing legends. And if you take away from them a fantastic component, they are quite real and are able to explain many things happened in those times.


Thank you for your comment and advice

Hmmm lovely stories and nice photos

hallo Slowwalker, it is a pity that this place did not save the myth in a statue or something like this... still stones were laying around that could be a part of the myth .. Thanks for the story, still after that a bit confused :)


Thank you for stopping by lena

interesting post, as always

nice photography great jobs

Such a beautiful history and photos are nice,

wow park is first. always thought is was either lee or kim.

Could it be that there's another story, maybe the real story, that's why they didn't take this seriously? History is hard to prove sometimes because all we have are speculations and what we want to believe that seems reasonable.

Great pictures <3 Korea... the cool colors in your picture makes it feel so lonely. Picture speaks a thousand words

Excelentes fotos

our life is an instant and instead of enjoying it we spend most of the time suffering. At that time, unlike ours, they already had their destiny marked. What would be better?. I think it's never too late to start and have a change for the better. I like your stories and learnings


Excellent idea
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Very beautiful scenery...
The grass looks barren but the trees look lush ...
Baby myth in the egg that makes my mind play..

All photo is very nice.I like your history.Thanks for sharing....

Is it amazing? we can see or touch things that was existing long long time ago. it's just amazing.

To be honest, don’t like history because usually it is very boring to read. But thank you for this post! Really interesting to know about this legend, king and country!
Thanks for sharing!
And have a good day 😉

Wow That's so awesome

That's amazing @slowwalker! I love History since I went to School because I think that past is our here and now. Sometimes I would like to take a time machine and go through eras in the past. I start following you because I like your contents and your passion in writing and sharing. Thank you very much!

nice post and with various information about koria

Good post

Every myth has a base of truth. We have to find it to build a history.

What must have been a kingdom once upon a times, lies a barren land.
Looking forward to the Queen's myth also.

You have written a great article.

wow ... very nice information dear ...its amazing to red this information about the king . all the family was amazing....nice one

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Beautiful place, sometimes need to get a lot of trouble to find such places

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It's a very strange myth .But I have my own stance that yet myths are only myth and have no counterpart of reality...

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