Shilla Dynasty and Introduction for further posting.

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It is firs time I post on Shilla dynasty. Until now I have posted mainly on the relics of Baek Jae Dynasty and Choson Dynasty. It was because I have stayed near the area of Bank Jae Dynasty and Seoul.

As I had posted several time, I had a job in the central area in Korea. Back Jae dynasty had existed in this area. Whenever I had travel around my working place, I could look at the relics of Baek Jae Dynasty. It was so helpful for me to post on the relics of BaekJae Dynasty.

From this posting, I’d like to post on Shilla dynasty. Before posting on Shilla, some brief explanation would be helpful to understand forward posting on Shilla dynasty.

In ancient world of Korea, There were 3 kingdoms in Korean peninsular and Manchuria.
Goguryeo, Baek Jae and Shilla. This 3 kingdoms were formed in the iron age. Before the 3 kingdoms, the kingdom Gochoson had been existed in Korean Peninsular and Manchuria.
Goshoson was destroyed by the Han dynasty of China.
Actually Gochoson was the bronze civilization.

고조선 강역.jpg
(pics from google)

After the fall of Go choson, 3 kingdoms appeared in the area of Go Choson.
Goguryeo took the Manchuria and the northern part of Korean peninsular. Back Jae Dynasty took the south western part of Korean peninsular, Chungcheong-Do and Jeolla-Do province.
Shilla dynasty was built in the south east area, Gyeonsang-Do province.

Besides 3 Kingdoms, There had been existed Gaya civilization between Shilla and Baek Jae. Gaya had adopted the iron civilization very early than other areas. But strangely enough Gaya couldn’t form the ancient country system. Gaya had been just a confederation among the tribe country until it had been destroyed by other country, Shilla and Baek Jae.

(pics from google)
Shilla was the last country which could formed ancient country system. In forming the ancient country system, Buddhism had played very important role. The ideological unification was inevitable to unify the various tribes which had each religion.

Buddhism was not a religion but a ideology to unify various tribes. But the resistance seemed serious for accepting Buddhism. So Buddhism had to mitigate the resistance of tribes’ religion. The mountain god building in Korean Buddhist temple must be the trace of various tribes’ religion.

Shilla was the one of the small countries scattered in South east area. The reason this small and tiny country could unify the Korean Peninsula was an enigma. But Shilla seemed to have the common denominator like Rome.

Even though the scale and size were different between Shilla and Rome, but there seemed to be exist the common factor in my opinion. What the most important common factor between two countries seems the openness of managing country in my guess.

Shilla was very open minded country. They had a close relations with Persia, India and Vietnam. It is curious how Shilla dynasty had the contact with these countries.

The relics of Shilla dynasty would be the result of these open minded. I’d like to show you these results from next posting.

Thank you for reading


It is good to learn about what Kingdoms ruled in the Korean peninsula in the past and the Shilla dynasty is just open-minded to rule the greater southern part that it embraced some essence what is out there is outside of the country to make its ruling rich with diversity.

Now they are divided by ideology because of communism in the North. But I guess it is too late to reunify North and South Korea as the North part is already brainwashed into believing that the South korea is their enemy.

@slowwalker, thanks for sharing this, nothing is beautiful as knowing the stories of these ancient countries, when i see movies produced from that region, it makes me understand them in better ways and i am able to relate with them in a better way.

Nothing defines people outside their culture.

"Knowing the culture is knowing the people in that community"

U found very good fine here I read around 16-17 century

from your post , i know more about shilla dynasty in korea, only open minded country can make the country develop fast , avoid having contact with other countries only can make the country fall behind. thanks for your sharing my dear friend.

Wow, I did not know any of this. You have a lot of world experience of which is very respectable.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom~*~

Cool historical info :)

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I've seen the drama The Great Queen of Silla: Queen SeokDeok, the hanbok of semi hanfu during the reign of Silla dynasty in the three kingdoms. Women's clothing full of patterns, motifs and colors is a noble dress. While the plain-looking outfit, with no motifs, was a class under the nobility.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful article, that is so educateing in informating.

So, the North and South Koreans are the same family lines. Then, they should get together and work out their differences, without outside interference.

Shilla Dynasty is a great post for me.because i have no idea shilla dynasty.this time i read your post attentively.i am alot of thing to knowing shilla dynasty matter.thank u very much for ur good post sharing... @slowwalker

Hello slowwalker,

This is a very interesting post with interesting facts. It is amazing how you are able to connect the three dynasties to modern Korea. I heard of this dynasty called the Wang or Vang Dynasty in China before the year Zero or O. Do you have any information on it?

May the steemitforce be with you.

Keep steeming ahead,


You shared a lot of important information about the country of Korea with all of us. A country in a developed country, Google has shared the photo with all of us. It has shared important information about different places with us that our benefits are always real The next question was for me

First time i read , good information

Interesting history. GAZAAA!

Good information, thanks for sharing

Ya saya pernah mendengar hal itu..tapi bagi postingan kamu bagus, bisa tambah wawasan dalam cerita. Lumayan bagus postingan kamu, saya menunggu postingan yang lebih bagus lagi, dan saya akan mengikuti kamu..laksanakan postingan hal hal baru..oke

I always like history and i have huge collection of histry books . because my father have master in history and a teacher.i always use to know information about the history of Arabs.india and other.

Thanks for sharing the history of shilla dynasty., it's quiet informative

one thing to say that you are really good in history .Thanks For The Great lesson(info)

Every time i see your post it always reveal some historical important chapter to me.I have took your post as my historical class.I had no idea about Shilla dynasty before.But i know something about it.Your post is informative and nicely described.@upvoted and resteemed

Korea united under Shilla (Silla)hwa.jpg

Your story is interesting @slowwalker! This is the wealth of the nation. I will be looking forward next post... Have a nice day!


If you attach some pics of army then it will look great

Thanks for sharing .. I have a question.. Past ago pyongyang and seol different Kingdom or not? ...

백제, 조선 이제 신라까지~ 신라가 확실히 다른 나라하고 교류가 많은 거 같은데 다음 포스팅에서 나온다니 또 읽을 거리가 생기겠군요 ㅋㅋ

This winter when escaping cold I went to Tenerife and spent an amazing month there. For the next winter I am planning to fulfil my long-time dream and to go to Seoul experience more of the Korean culture as a photographer. I know that renting an apartment in the capital is quite expensive so I have already started saving up. What your posts allow me to do is to learn more about the Korea and its history that will definitely be beneficial in my travels so thank you for that. Maybe we can even meet up and have a beer or juice if you don't drink beer when I'm there and if you have time.

I have some little information about 3 kingdoms appeared in the area of Go Choson. But it is not enough like you said here. I wonder how did the Shilla dynasty contact the other countries? Except if there is some spy on both sides...

I love history! I really feel this story! But something is missing in the story... I do not know what is that.

History is just informative. I have known so many information here. Ironic age, bronze civilization, specially gaya civilization which between shilla and back jae besides of 3 Kingdom. I think you enjoy this travelling. Great sharing

your first time post on Shilla dynasty is really very good. And it's a good history of Korea.
Thanks for sharing...
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it is really amazing friend, and I also very salute to you, because you always perpetuate about the history of the country, maybe people do not know much about this history, but thanks to you maybe people will know this history, thank you friends have shared post

good article, thanks for the enlightenment

interesting information, thanks for sharing, @slowwalker

wow,post in the best ,☝👌

Great post with great language 👍👍

So interesting! Thank you for educating and keeping this history alive!

Dhinasti Shilla The strong dynasty of the time, thank you for sharing this post, has already wasted my lesson.

Good post!

Very good information..

Clearly your explanation of the three Dynasty Goguryeo, Baek Jae and Shilla. I am more interested in the shila dynasty, and this ideology looks very good to unite the various tribes with each religion.

Thank you for taking us back in time @slowwalker! It's amazing how the world changes in time and cultures expand and change. I'm quite happy that my home town of Shenyang in Manchuria was also part of Goguryeo, as we can now still enjoy lots of amazing Korean dishes and we even have a Koran Town in Shenyang, where I often go when I'm back home. Looking forward for more!:-)

The topic is really interesting Are there any sources for more of it?

a very interesting post, and a good story friend, successful @slowwalker

a very interesting story. surely many people see it.

wah, this is a history that needs to be remembered, thanks to share knowledge of history, thanks to your post I can know the history of the dynasty first, please help my upvote, @slowwalker

그 시대에 정말 인도와 베트남 페르시아와 어떻게 교류를 했을까 정말 신기합니다~
다음 포스팅 기대합니다 ^^

@ slowwalker..your writing makes me more understanding about korean history. all this time, i understand korea because samsung, hyundai, ginseng, soul or football.

Woh i never knew about all of this until now. Amazing post and writing @slowwalker


Shilla was very open minded country. They had a close relations with Persia, India and Vietnam. It is curious how Shilla dynasty had the contact with these countries.

I can't wait til your next post where you show the proofs of this friendly relationship with the countries you mentioned. They must be some unique cultural pieces!

interesting information @titanik

Great article. I really love to learn about history. thank you for posting

Looking forward to your next post..this post has added to my reservoir of knowledge..kudos to you,nice work

Very nice article. Keep up the good work

@slowwalker Informative posting. Looking forward for more.

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WOW nice post

Very interesting information. Thank You. Cognitively!

Goguryeo is an ancient kingdom that occupies the territory of Manchuria and north of the Korean Peninsula. Goguryeo belongs to the Three Kingdoms of Korea with the Kingdom of Baekje and Silla and is the largest empire. Goguryeo stood in 37 BC and ended in 668 AD.

Verg good friend.
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Country ginseng, otw, resteem

I think you're a good writer, this is very nice post on this one brothers, I think this is an interesting story to read. Its history mungkit very attached to the culture of the country. I like to follow you brother @slowwalker

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A lot of interesting stories you can tell sir, indeed you are a very wonderful traveler, I like your style that much I can learn by following you sir @slowwalker

Regards from me @blacksweet

Your efforts in digging into historical events is super impressive. You're doing really great.

Very interesting, I didn't know this. If only we could travel back in time to witness it all. Seem like very interesting times.

What unifies people? What separates people? Many times, religion plays a role in both.
Interesting comparison to Rome. What role, if any, do you believe ethnocentrism played in this thrival?

Thats interesting, thanks for sharing. I learnt something.

Good read :) Thank you for sharing :)

Thank you very much for sharing your learning and wisdom with us, I just learned something new today, many thanks for always uploading content of such quality and with good writing ....

I would like to see the next publication .. The cultural and knowledge exchange is interesting. I follow you.

This is really nice, a well detailed map. It helps me with my crusader kings game. Thanks

Impressive your post,Thanks for share.

I wonder if all religions started as ideologies. This is great ancient history. Thank you. You were lucky enough to be there!! :). Joy

Man I love learning history from Steemit!

Looks interesting :D Thank you for this amazing information!

A beautiful history of Shilla as related to Rome, as they dominated many areas. Worth reading it about Korea!

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About this dynasty i did not even read in my school nor even college days. Never heard of this. This is so amazing to know there is something like this was there. Thanks so much buddy for putting efforts and sharing knowledge. Keep it coming !!! Do you have more posts like this? can you share link

I know a lot of history that I follow from your post @slowwalker and now I find 3 other kingdoms from you ..
I will always follow your next posting.

Your posts are very attractive as well as informative. I hope you will get progress in this area too.looking forward to learn more from you.....

Muy buena información sobre esta dinastía. Gracias por compartirla.

wow so much history, so cool to learn about korea from you :) it's sth i never come across.

Thank you for this very interesting historical fact. The Korean peninsula had extensive contact with many civilizations; some as far away as Persia.

Thank you for sharing the rich history of Shilla dynasty. Such a good read!

Korea looks to be a really beautiful place... From your posts i already feel like i have been there before.


Thank you very much @slowwalker for the article. So add my personal insight about the history of human civilization. Because we often find historical evidence that is not based on the evidence strong and legal. Seem so many historical evidence is not clear the truth. Regards.

Fascinating. It is a part of the world I will not get to see this lifetime. Thank you for sharing what you can.

Your travel map is very beautiful,@slowwalker

우리 역사를 이렇게 영어 컨텐츠로 보고 있으니 또 새롭네요. 계속해서 많이 익히겠습니다. 감사합니다.

한국 사람인 저도 역사에 대해서 잘 모르는데 너무 잘 아시네요.

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@slowwalker님은 한국에 계실때 역사와 관련된 일을 하셨었나요? 한국에서 직업을 가지셨었다는 표현에서 혼자 상상해봤습니다. 정말 대단하시네요... 멋지게 살고 계신 것 같습니다. 피드 통해서 종종 글보겠습니다!

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Very interesting post. waiting for the next one

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