Influence from the Black Sea and Central Asia in Shilla Dynasty

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In this posting, I’d like to show you one small golden sword decorated with jewels.
At first glance, I felt that it was quite different style of Shilla Kingdom.


According to the explanation board, the size of this sword is 36 Cm long, it was estimated to be made in 5th century.

The explanation board said that this kinds of sword were made in the Black Sea Area and tThhe Central Asia.

There were some patterns on the surface of the sword. It was said that the patterns were the Tai Chi, Sun and the trees.

Actually the explanation that this sword had a relation with the area of the Black Sea and the Central Asia means that Shilla had a contact with northern cultures.

There was a brilliant civilization in the Black Sea. It was the Scythian. Scythia had developed the civilization of Gold.

There was a special exhibition of Scythian Gold civilization in more than 20 years ago. It was regret that I could not buy the pamphlet.

But at first glance I was surprised by the similarity of the sword with the relics of Scythian.

As you know, Scythian is estimated as a tribe of Persian.
It means that Shilla had a contact with Persia through two ways from South on the sea and from North on the land.

At that time when the Scythian golden relics special exhibition was held, many scholars told the close relations between Shilla and Scythian civilization.

The Kingdom of Scythia was collapsed in 2nd century AD by the Goth.

So it is hard to believe that Shilla and Scythia had a direct connection, when we think that the sword was found in the tomb of 5th century.

Anyway the obvious fact is that the sword is as similar as the relics of Scythian civilization.

This kinds of uncertainty allow us to the world of imagination. For example, the owner of the sword could be a Scythian refuge.

I’d like to say one thing different from the explanation board of Tai Chi patterns.
They explained the three rounds as the pattern of the Tai Chi.

But the round of the sword is little bit different from Tai Chi.
The pattern of Tai Chi must be divided into 2 parts, yin and yang.
But the round of the sword is divided into 3 parts.
It the round is divide into 3 parts, it can’t be Yin and Yang.

스크린샷 2018-02-27 오후 8.23.36.png

This kinds of 3 parted round was closely related with a symbol of the Sun in northern shamanism.

In my opinion, the 3 parts of the round look so similar with the sign of sun in Goguryeo.
Goguryeo, the northern kingdom at that time, had shape the sun with the 3 legged crow.

For me the round divided into 3 part looks like a pattern of 3 leg of crow and the sun.
If the owner had arrived at Shilla, he must’ve passed through Goguryeo.

Below is the symbol of legged crow.

스크린샷 2018-02-27 오후 9.26.27.png

3 tai chi was originated From this 3 legged crow. And three tai chi is unique pattern of Korea and northern civilization.

스크린샷 2018-02-27 오후 9.27.28.png

This 3 tai chi means the heaven, the earth and people. In this respect 3 tai chi is different from chinese Tai chi which means Yn and Yang.

In this voyage, he might’ve made the pattern of 3 legged crow which symbolized the Sun.

The small golden sword made me think so many things.
It is a pleasure for me to travel the world of imagination.

Thank you for reading.

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Interesting to see these symbols and their importance.


I loved it. by the way I would love that you can also see my photos to give me your opinion thanks @marianocastro

what a wonderful history you've shared here @slowwalker my brain is getting bigger every day because of the post like this


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really intersting~! voting it!

I admire your work!

I see the balance on the Tai Chi just like the balance in the lives of many Korean in what they do in their lives in the present day. Very beautiful sword with elegant ornate symbols which just shows how powerful the king is.

You have very interesting posts. Thank you.

Very interesting post. Some of these designs are also prevalent in Celtic designs and patterns.

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You have proved that it is true dynasty shilla relationship with persia, initially I doubt .. because persia and east asia so far ... but it turns out this sword proves it ... your post is very interesting @slowwalker


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It's amazing to think about how early in history there was exchange and travel between distant cultures, if only through other cultures between them.


Yes, it is marvelous they had exchanged the culture each other such a long time ago.

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What beautiful pictures about that precious historical relic .... wow incredible I just learned something new I did not know that Shilla had contact with the cultures of the north and that he could see a brilliant civilization in the Black Sea .... incredible publication I stayed wanting to know much more about the subject, very good quality of publication continues so never change


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If that is ur imagination... What wud be the reality like then 🙌🙌🙌🙌

korean history is different, I heard some days ago from my friend.

Wow.... it’s an unique sword... looks so exceptional..... happy travelling @slowwalker .... and sharing us different collections. Thanks...

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golden sword never see like this before

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Actually, Chinese Taichi also had an influence from the northern civilization

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Interesting sword. It has a big history and a meaning. This makes it unique and different from the majority.

Thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work.

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Anna, @arhitekt


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Thanks for sharing this. I never knew that the three circles in there have meanings. I was just thinking that they were yin and yang.

I love how clever they've made this and you can see the the Shilla dynasty is pretty rich. They always give high value to the people above them.


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What an interesting example of syncretism. I was wondering if there are also any Greek motifs which can be found with these archaeological artifacts. The Scythes were influenced by the Pontic Greeks


Then, it could be in my guess.
In previous posting, I posted some relics found in Shilla showed us the greek style of statue

Very interesting Thank you for this post. It's a good thing for me to travel the world of imagination with you!

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Quite an impressive historical reconstruction. You inspire me a lot. You're such a blessing to the steem network


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Look Amazing! I always find things from that time are very dignant and of great style. Every detail is nice!


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reading the paper @ slowwalker is reading the history and civilization of korea.

goguryeo the place where the people live peacefully! i think that 3 rounds sign of the sword means peace!

in my opinion 😊😊

as always thanks for sharing sir @slowwalker


Goguryeo was very militant country on the contrary


the movie lied to me :(

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If you look at it closely, the part of the middle is changed and missing on purpose.

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"The man who strives for Unlimited Power... What does he Deserve in the End?"

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I love your well of historical knowlege and how u impact them in people.

From you i leant about Shilla dynasty and her tomb now i have learnt about tai chi. You are a great man @slowwalker


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If you are saying this due to your age then i already knew it since two months by your post in which you told about a dinner after your retirement post was about lost history of seoul.. It was your first post that i read after my joining steemit.. Actually it was my first introduction to an energetic man and this post left long lasting effect on me..
But for me age does not matter.. You are young by heart and by soul..


Hehehe... am curious also. With your inputs, it seems that youve been a historian for many years already. Though am not Korean but it seems to me that your posts are worth keeping. Wish steemit platform could keep it too..... forever!

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That looks very fancy and quite beautiful Though it does not really look like a sword haha

I sliced a frozen watermelon in this Steemit post during a sub zero day.

More great history, I love the jewels. They are in great condition too.


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Hi slowwalker
Interesting story. Thanks for teaching about the 2 different kinds of tai chi.
Have a really nice day.

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It looks like there are many relics of shilla dynasty ..
This time a very beautiful golden sword with a nice carving .. I will wait for the next posting.

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Absolutely fascinating @slowwalker reading about the intermixing of different cultures... Even interesting reading about enclaves of Korean peoples living in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Follow me for always-fresh and interesting content.


Korean people living in Kyrghyzstan and Uzbekistan have a very sad history


Where can I read about the history of these korean communities @slowwalker? Why did they go there? When?

Wow never seen such looking sword!

There must have some more historic interections with shilla i guess..

All the good info :p

Even new to koreans.


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That's an interesting and an intriguing read. I can see a dragon in that circle which also is one of the symbols of central asia. Also to my mind what it comes is the 3 divisions in the circle can be representing Sun, Mercury, Moon which represents our Mind, Body and Soul. I guess you can keep your imaginations running on this.
The empty blocks in the sword seems to be holding some precious jewels. Its quite interesting.


Interesting interpretation.
Thank you for your comment

Charming thing

Great, i love to see ur post!

@slowwalker dear u r great..loves u 😍

Oh, how interesting! The kingdom of the Scythians was in the territory of modern Ukraine! The Scythians are considered one of the ancient tribes that left their genotype in modern Ukrainians. It's so fascinating that two thousand years ago there was already a connection between our cultures! Although now it's now much easier for us to do this than our distant ancestors.

is this china's state-owned historical object

안녕하세요. 저는 <한겨레21> 변지민 기자라고 합니다. 스팀잇의 주요 고래 중 한국 사용자들에 대한 기사를 준비하고 있습니다. 실례가 안 된다면 어떻게 스팀잇에 글을 쓰게 되셨는지 계기와, 주요 고래가 될 수 있었던 노하우를 여쭙고 싶습니다. 바쁘시겠지만 로 연락 한번만 주실 수 있을까요? 감사합니다.

These posts are wonderful! Thank you for all the mini history lessons!

This quite an interesting article, very informative,. It took one a bit back to ancient civilization. Sometimes i think the ancient people are more creative than the 21century. Thanks a lot.

This quite an interesting article, very informative,. It took one a bit back to ancient civilization. Sometimes i think the ancient people are more creative than the 21century. Thanks a lot.

This quite an interesting article, very informative,. It took one a bit back to ancient civilization. Sometimes i think the ancient people are more creative than the 21century. Thanks a lot.

U have lectured me on what I don't know. thanks so much,

@slowwalker unbelievable