Visiting the oldest civilization

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You know one fo the oldest historical civilization were the indus valley civilization near the indus river, now there are historical sites of their remains and heritage. The most artifacts discovered are from a place called Taxila and they have built a museum of them.


Not only is there a museum but there is a place in which old buildings of the civilization are still left made out of stone. There are remains of humungous statues and some things resemble stuff like kitchen and bath places that would be used as a day to day commute in the time.


All this history really takes you back in time it was a pleasure to see all of the artifacts and realize how far humanity has come in technology in thia world. Also how people used to survive way back in history.




Being a history buff, I really envy your travels.

In lak'ech, JaiChai

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What a great place I love history , nice pictures

Thank you yeah the place was great and the heritage was somewhat preserved uptill now

The things people made in the past always interest me. The effort put forth by these craftsmen of old doing everything by hand is amazing.

Yep their skills would be outmatched from our set of skills now but machinery makes everything easier with time.

To witness what implements people used is always fascinating, how far man has come, thanks for sharing @shaheerbari

Visiting new arrivals on #phc

Indeed the growth of technology has risen quite a bit.

I actually never been to such a site although I think it's super interesting :)

It was really something special to witness.

I find these old sites fascinating, always try to imagine what life was like for the people of those times! Must have been an interesting visit.

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It was quite fascinating to learn about how people used to live thousands of years ago.

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Recently I've been writing quite some travel blogs and will use the tag in future bligs thanks for introducing me to it.

Great photos and history @shaheerbari, keep up the great posts. 🙏

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Thank you so much

It is great that these artifacts have been properly maintained. It is our connection to the past and a great way to learn about history. Children should be encouraged more to visit museums as the are too busy with technology these days.

Yes we should let our younger generation know the struggles our ancestors faced during day to day work and how blessed we are with technology but we must be humble at all times.

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Those are some beautiful pieces. The thing I always find fascinating about the ancients, although it may not be applicable at this particular site, is the fact that they built things with such precision, with ancient tools, and we could not build some of those same structures, with the same materials, to the same level of accuracy today.

So true the handcrafted skill at those times were just something really extraordinary if you compare it to nowadays things have changed dramatically.

I love museums. You shared some really great photos here! 😉👍

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Thank you so much

These old sites are amazing, I've been to a few and was in awe of them...

Had quite a similar feeling too at the site.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Interesting artifacts from the past @shaheerbari. We have come a long way with the technology of today.

I agreexwith you completely

Truly a special place to visit. Love seeing the wheels, technology at its earliest beginnings. Thanks for sharing this with us @shaheerbari :)

Oh in my guess the round stones were used to crush spices between them like a sort of grinder in the kitchen because that room was supposed to be the kitchen.

That's absolutely fascinating! I love seeing archaeological finds such as those. It's incredible to think that the buildings and craftsmanship has survived through the centuries.

Truly I heard someone saying the way they constructed these artifacts was the reason they still survive today

I know history is important but visiting such locations give me goosebumps.
Must be all those movies I keep watching :)

Because of the horror stories I guess

Ah yes, the old ruins can certainly teach us a thing or two about real craftsmanship and problem solving. Amazing how mankind coped in the ancient times.

It is still a mystery about their geometrical accuracy while building things.

So true and I don't think it will never be discovered how they did it!

Wonderful post! I love looking in museums and historical artifacts or pieces. It is always interesting to see what life was like and how far (and sometimes how backward) we moved.

Thank you for sharing!

Have a great day!

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Thank you for your support and yeah we must analyze what our ancestors lacked or had in their favor for the benefit of the future generations.

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We may have technology, but we sure no longer build stuff that lasts as long as these things have. Pretty cool.

Oh, wow! This is just fascinating. A part of the world I'd love to visit.

You definitely should Pakistan is a place full of culture, history and fascinating scenery