Exploring a part of the Atlantikwall in Vlissingen, the Netherlands

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Hitler thought he could defend Europe against the allies by building a giant wall.

The name for this enormous project was called the Atlantikwall. It was a coastal defense line that went from Norway all the way to the South of France. It was especially designed to deter invasions from the British Isles, where various allied armies were stationed.

The Atlantikwall in May of 1944

Source: CivilianMilitaryIntelligenceGroup.com

Last week, I visited the maritime museum in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. The museum has dedicated a whole story of the building to remember WWII. They also made some miniature replicas of what the Atlantikwall looked like in Vlissingen. Here are some picture I took of it:

The first line of defense at the beach of Vlissingen

They had these huge cannons to deter large battleships trying to bomb them

The second line of defense: Anti Aircraft guns

Those are the most common structures of which the Atlantikwall was built in the Netherlands.

So, where is this, exactly?

The city of Vlissingen is located in the South West of the Netherlands, just South of the region capital, Middelburg.

Source: Google Maps

On top of the museum, you can look over the sea to the South

The structure on the bottom right is an old battlement from the 16th century, which was also included in the Atlantikwall.


That's all folks!

This trip to the museum is one of the reasons I haven't posted many in-depth articles here on Steemit. Let's get back to that soon!

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What a fun piece of history, i really enjoyed this one


Glad you like it! Be sure to follow for more content :)

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seems like you had a fun trip :) have a great day :D


I did! You have a great day too! :)

History's little details are always fascinating to read, especially about my own region. Great post bro!


Guess he didn't let the Mexicans pay for THAT wall ...


Haha he definitely didn't. I guess there wasn't much paying going on during that period ;-)


that period .... 'Don't mention the war dear' (Basil Fawlty), haha


Oh, that wasn't on purpose! Hahah


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Im no doing it often, Ive just saw your post in a politics room on chat so I came, to leave comment and upvote. Anyway, I`m out of here.

Mooie foto's. Stephan van Fleteren heeft een fotoboek gemaakt over de Atlantic, maar dat zijn wel andere foto;s dan deze ;) Leuk artikel, mijn stem heb je.


Haha, op deze plek is er niet veel meer overgebleven van de Atlantikwall. Vandaar ook de replica's in het museum denk ik :)

Bedankt voor het lezen!