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RE: Werewolves Have Been Shifting Their Shapes for a Long Time

in #history6 years ago

Nice writing ...I would talk about the werewolf mythology how get started ...People were prey of wolves for a long time in the past. People used their imagination when starting this myth. They did not embalm the dead so when they dug up a grave they see the deceased with fingernails that have grown longer and they look like claws.The cuticles on the nails look retracted. The face jaw also looks wide open and the teeth are exposed. Bugs have moved the body around. And sometimes there is blood coming from the mouth and they hear howling wolves beyond the shadows of the night.


Very interesting perspective. I had not heard that before, but it makes some sense. There certainly are stories of werewolves robbing recent graves also, which might connect.

I haven't heard that before too, but it truly does makes sense.
Thank you for this insight @kouba01


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