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RE: Snags at the (Historical) Society

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A lack of focus and leadership is often blamed for programmatic and budget sprawl:

they were passive, and simply agreed to whatever programs the staff and board proposed without evaluating whether or not the HSP had the resources to allocate to them.

I remember Stitt ending a collaborative project with the Library Company (that had been approved by her predecessor) to update the 1958 book on lithography by Nichols Biddle Wainwright. There even was a grant to get the project going, although more would have to be raised.

In retrospect, I imagine Stitt saw that kind of project (ultimately accomplished as Philadelphia On Stone) as part of the problem, not the solution.

Was it? Or was it collateral damage?


Austerity measures are really tricky! In a way I wonder if collateral damage is necessary to convince folks of the severity of the problem?