The strangest stories of hatred and hatred in history

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Those who read the history find it full of stories of hatred and strong enmity, as many of the effects we see today are either fixed in the living or dead, or to suppress ghosts (as they believed) to confirm these effects on the fact that even death can not calm someone who wanted revenge!

          The tomb of the twin sisters

About 1250 years ago, in the town of Nanjing, China, there was a salesman with two teenage daughters. Under the urgency of the need, this man sold his daughters to marry two elderly men. The two men entered into a trade that led to the loss of all their money and became very serious. Poverty! Which led the two girls to commit suicide escape the poverty they faced again and punishment for their father on this act.

People thought that the bodies of these two girls might come back to avenge the whole city for what happened to them. They buried the twins in a fertile land area and built a large shrine. Recently a 62-year-old man tried to dig part of this land in hopes of exploiting it in agriculture, During this process, he fell unconscious and suffered a huge health crisis that almost killed him. The villagers realized that there was no way to restore this man except by repairing the damage he had done to the land of the twins.

It is strange that the man has already regained his health, which made the villagers believe more in the curse of the twins!

         The Shrine Bridge

The great king of Korea, Yi Songjai, owned two of the first queens and was given five children. The second Queen Sindeok, the heroine of this story, gave him two children, who also used her influence to make her sons first in the throne.

Queen Sindeok was quickly killed and King Jay built a great tomb in honor of the deceased Queen. During the King's engagement in the mourning ceremony, the Queen's sons felt threatened by their mother's absence. This led them to conspire to kill their first cousins. They were the first to direct strikes where this plot resulted in the deaths of the sons of the Queen "Sindeok" themselves!

The king felt very ashamed and disgraced and unable to continue running the reins of power in the country. He abandoned the throne to his eldest son, the First Queen, who in turn was still influenced by the conspiracy against him. He only dismantled and broken the tomb of Queen Sindeok and built a bridge Called the "Tomb Bridge" in retaliation for them, where the public to this day, this bridge with their feet!

           The tomb of "Sebe Yanbe" built after his death!

The Japanese believe that the person who died of tyranny and hatred will someday return to revenge! The only way to avoid this is to build a great mausoleum for this person in an attempt to please him.

In 1620, Sebe Yanbe, the chief adviser to the Uwajima clan, was assassinated by a group of conspirators. Not long afterward, these conspirators began to die one by one in mysterious ways, one struck by lightning and the other died in a mysterious naval incident.

Then in 1653 the alleged villagers built a shrine to worship Yanbe and relieve his anger, and this shrine still stands in Shikoku to this day.

            Memorial Hall of the Nanjing Massacre

When Japan invaded the Chinese city of Nanjing in 1937 during the Second World War, one of the most prominent criminal atrocities in modern history was committed, with the bodies of children, women and even nuns lying in the streets. More than 20,000 cases of rape and more than 30,000 murders were observed During the first month immediately following the occupation.

Not to mention the testimony of some people who say that the Japanese were devout in inventing new ways to torture the people of the city, such as suspension of tongues, rape pregnant women and get rid of their body next to cutting their genitals!

In 1985, in an effort to commemorate these atrocities, the people of Nanjing built a memorial hall for the remains of people who were maimed and others tortured during these events. This room was enlarged 10 years later, in 1995, to remain a witness to Japanese crimes. Accept or not accept!

             A young girl staring at the building of the Japanese consulate in South Korea

During the Second World War, Japan established so-called fun stations so that their soldiers could relax in the hands of the comfort girls. These houses were not only full of prostitutes, but they were also full of women brought from Japanese colonies such as China and Korea , And these women were then left untreated patients or dead.

Many Japanese today deny that these crimes are true despite the presence of many witnesses. They sometimes claim that these women voluntarily introduced themselves, not forced. These statements angered many people in Korea and China. Korea built a statue of a girl in front of the Japanese consulate. On her face are the features of oppression and tears fill her eyes.

The statue is of great concern to Japanese authorities, prompting Japanese officials to remove the statue as part of settlement solutions with the South Korean government.



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