Digging history - weapon 1500s-1600s.

in history •  2 years ago

Metal detecting encourages you to get moving and walk.

Metal detecting takes you outdoors.

To live a more healthy lifestyle and us detectorists have found the perfect way.

Your health is benefiting and if you do get a nice find, well, its a bonus.

And my best finds of weapon - my bonus.

Sword - sabres.

A broadsword was used by knights and cavalrymen.

Arms production: flanged mace.

Spears - lance.


Bec de corbin. A bec de corbin is a type of pole weapon and war hammer that was popular in medieval Europe.


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great post ;) I do detection too it's a real pleasure. If you want look at my old post with some coins I've found roman and medieval part 1 ; roman and medieval 2 ; roman medieval part 3.
You find big stuff I prefer coin ;)
Thank you!

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Хороший хабар , где копаешь комрад ?


Eastern Europe.


Восточная Европа - она большая ! Украина , Молдавия ???