Old roman and medieval coins. Must see!

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Hi steemit and steemers! Today I'll share you my passion old coins. Specially the medieval and roman coins. I live in a region favourable to this kind of discoveries. It was formerly called Gemniacum. There was an old Roman fort 2000 years ago.

This is a "Potin au rameau" a Celtic coin.

For those who know classification it's " Nerviens, potin au rameau A; Scheers 190 classe IV "

Up you can see the rameau as they had on their shield.

Up you can see a horse that was revered

The next one is a Roman coin  

Crispus Caesar 317-326.Treves OF Secunda.

legend is:

She's not in good condition

Next is one of my favorite a sesterce

Faustine I, sesterce postume Rome; RIC.1120 

Up this is Faustine I 

thank's for watching, I'll quickly post others pics

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Nice. Love old coins and history. What are the darker ones made of? Copper ?


yes it's a "nummus" in copper