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RE: Werewolves Have Been Shifting Their Shapes for a Long Time

in #history6 years ago

I have watched countless movies on werewolf and I have come to believe that they are not just folklore. In Africa where I come, my dad told me stories of shape-shifting, it was a hunting tradition way back and these men had the ability to change into wolves and other wild animals during wars and hunting expeditions. Honestly I didn't believe this until some years back when an old hunter in my village grew so much hair on his body shortly before his death. It was so scary that people were going to watch and even take pictures. I believe that werewolves could very well be in our midst.


very nice. i like it

@eleaza, i couldn't agree less. i was of the opinion that most movies on werewolf couldn't be true but as i hear stories of legends which has its origin in Africa. i began to have a different perspective to movies on werwolf and vampires. i remembered the story of one of such legend who was lured by beautiful beings in the said forest and he changed to another being and followed the beautiful creatures. it was an awesome story of seven men who went to a dangerous forest on the request of the king and they faced insurmountable problems. only one made it back and alive. That story stand to still be one of my favorite.

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