"You Feel Like You Could Eat The Smoke" | 102 Years Ago, Tobaco Advertisement

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102 years ago enthusiastic advertisements for tobacco products were no problem. One of these proud companies was "Raynolds Tobacco".

In the newspaper "Middlebury Register" they placed a big mouth-watering advertisement for their brand "Prince Albert". The advertising text is entertaining and could even make non-smokers taste the tobacco. Here you can read the full text:

PRINCE ALBERT is such good tobacco you feel like you could just eat the smoke! Yes, sir, Prince Albert puts a razor edge on your smoke-appetite-division that's nobby enough to be photographed! No other pipe and cigarette tobacco can be like Prince Albert, because no other tobacco can be made like Prince Albert. The patented process fixes that and removes the tongue-bite and throat parch! Let that digest! And that line of conversation is 24 kt, whether you play Prince Albert in your old jimmy pipe or roll it into a makin's cigarette. The toppy red bag, 5c into a makin's cigarette. For you can put your little old blue-pencil O. K. right here that Prince Albert is a regular double-header for a single admission as joy'us to your tongue and taste one way as the other!

Will the "rollers" kindly step forward for a spell and get some of this listen into their systems? Because Prince Albert certain and sure jams more joy into a makin's paper than ever before was figured up on two hands! in the plain language of the hills, you can't any more resist such makin's tobacco than a bullfrog can pass up a piece of red flannel! Because Prince Albert hands to you everything any cigarette roller ever dreamed-out rare flavor, and aroma, and mildness, and body; absolutely the best bet the best smoke you or any other man ever did roll and put the fire to! Men, we tell you to wise up. Prince Albert is crimp cut and stays put which means rolling Prince Albert is as easy as falling off a log. And it's good to remember Prince Albert is put up in the toppy red bag especially for you "rollers."

Sells for the price of a jitney ride, 5c. Now, will the "pipers" kindly open both ears? Here's tobacco that has made it possible for three men to smoke pipes where one smoked before! Any way you hook it up, Prince Albert is tobacco insurance ! Yes, sir, it guarantees your future as well as your present smokings! And just makes your tongue so jimmy pipe joy'us that your smoke appetite grows whopping big. You men who "dassn't," we say you go to Prince Albert, natural-like ! Because there isn't a bite in a barrel of this national joy smoke. Unlimber your old jimmy pipe! Dig it out of the dark corner, jam it brimful of Prince Albert And make fire with a match ! Me-o-my !

 Preview Image: Pixabay | Text and Illustration: Source | In the USA, anything published in and before 1922 is not protected under copyright. No permission is needed to use it.  


Oh, thats so nice.

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