Murder Confesses To A Horrible Crime | 100 Years Ago

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100 years ago the US newspaper "The Odgen Standard" wrote an interesting article about a "horrible" murder case that could be solved successfully.

In addition to a detailed report on the work of the police, the newspaper also presented an interview with the murderer who does not seem to regret what he has done. You can read this interview here:

Yes, I killed him

"Yes, I killed him with his own knife when he tried to kill me," confessed Mike Baca to the Ogden police this afternoon when charged with having murdered Ben Rogers of Logan, whose horribly mutilated body was found in the brush at the side of the Weber river yesterday morning. "Why did I kill him? Well, he insulted me and told me that since I was an Mexican I had no business wearing the American flag. The quarrel started after we had been together all day Tuesday. "I met Rogers Tuesday morning. He saw I was a Mexican and talked to me in Spanish. He had been in Arizona and so he spoke the language very well. We were together all day, drinking and going around the town.

Together All Day

"Toward evening I suggested that we look up some girls. Rogers got sore when I suggested this and, as we wandered down towards the river, he taunted me because I wore an American flag. 'You've no business wearing an American flag; you're a Mexican,' he said to me. One word led to another and finally he drew his knife. I grabbed a club and we fought it out near the river's edge. I hit him over the head with my club and tried to grab his knife. In the fight his cheek was slit. Then I grabbed the knife from his hand and cut his throat. He fell to the ground gasping."

The Wounds in his Body

"How about the bullet wounds in his body?" Sergeant 0. H. Mohlman asked Baca. "Those are not bulletwounds," said the Mexican; "those are knife wounds. When Rogers fell to the ground I stuck the knife in his side and in his back, turning the blade around. It may look as though a bullet passed through his body, but those wounds were from the knife." "What did you do with the knife after you had killed Rogers?"

Baca was asked by the police officers. "I threw it in the river," said the man. "Then what did you do?" he was asked. "After I threw the knife away I opened Rogers' clothes bag and took from the bag $23 which was in it, as I myself had no money. Then I waded into the river and swam through the water in order to wash the blood stains from my clothes. I had left my coat on the ground and Rogers fell on it. In the excitement I left it behind me. That's about all there is to it, I guess."

 Preview Image: Pixabay | Article: Source | In the USA, anything published in and before 1922 is not protected under copyright. No permission is needed to use it.


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