History of "SPAM" like a meme

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Originally, the word «SPAM» appeared in 1936. It stood for SPiced hAM (spicy ham) and it was a trademark for canned meat company Hormel Foods Corporation - acute sausage meat pork.

After the Second World War were huge stocks of canned food, made to supply in times of war, not only US soldiers but Allied soldiers on the Lend-Lease program. In order to sell their products is not the first freshness, Hormel Foods Company held the first of its kind campaign. The word «SPAM» was evident on every corner, with windows all the cheap stores, it was written on the sides of buses and trams. This word could be read on the facades of houses and in the newspapers. canned Advertisement «SPAM» constantly broadcast on the radio.

World renown as applied to intrusive advertising, the term "SPAM" was due to the famous sketch "Spam" from the famous TV show "Monty Python's Flying Circus" (1969) comic group from the UK "Monty Python".

The meaning of the sketch is to ensure that in a cafe all dishes on the menu contain «SPAM», some of them several times. When the main character sketch, came to this cafe with my wife, asking him to bring a dish without "SPAMa" waitress offers him a dish with "a small amount of SPAMa".

The visitor is outraged and the chorus of Vikings, seated at adjacent tables, begins to sing a song of praise "SPAMu»: «Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam ... Lovely Spam! Wonderful Spam »(« Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam ... My favorite Spam Wonderful Spam "!!), Making it impossible to dialogue waitress and visitors (ie" of spamming "dialog -" spammed "dialogue!), After which the sketch descends into chaos. At the end of the sketch of the hero's wife exclaims: "I do not like to" SPAM "». The credits to the names of the actors also added the word «SPAM» (Spam Terry Jones, Michael Spam Palin, John Spam John Spam John Spam Cleese et al.). In total, this word is referred to in the sketch 108 times.

In 1986 in Usenet newsgroups, a host of identical messages from a certain Dave Rhodes, who promoted new financial pyramid. The headline read: "Earn a lot of money", and in the letters contained instructions on how to do it. The author with enviable persistence continued to duplicate the texts, and they are so tired of eating subscribers, that they began to be compared with advertised in the sketch canned.

As for the word "spam" was fixed a new value, and later transformed into computer terminology to designate the annoying advertising mailings.

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