George Herbert Walker Bush was not a "Zio-Con"

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I keep hearing insinuations and more direct claims that George Bush Senior (GHWB) was a pro Zionist Neo-Conservative.
Youtube has more than one good video to convince me and maybe you about how his father, Prescott Bush assisted the third Reich in WW2.
It can still be claimed that in itself, it is not enough to demonstrate that Prescott Bush opposed Zionism, but I also never heard or read anything to insinuate that Prescott had any sympathy for Zionism.
Back to GHWB, I have evidence to why he was probably more anti-Zionist than he could afford to himself.
GHWB pressed Israel into Madrid Conference which led to the Oslo agreements during Clinton's presidency.
These treaties were based on the principle of "peace-for-territory", which means that Israel will surrender territories while the Arabs will offer peace.
These are capitulation treaties that are not based on "peace-for-peace", as most of Israel's "far right" wanted then, most of its "right" wanted years later, and most of its Jewish population wants today.

Why did I write than GHWB was more anti-Zionist than he could afford himself?
Because he was elected for only one term despite contending for a second term.
It may as well be not related to Israel, the Isra-lobby or AIPAC.
It would be interesting to know both the distribution of Jewish votes in the 1992 US presidential elections and the more intricate Jewish financial support distribution in these 1992 elections.
I am also not aware of any particular good thing that GHWB did for Israel to distinguish him from any other US president.

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