Fact about Hajarduari (Mursidabad)

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Worked amid the rule of the Nawab of Bengal, Nazim Humayun Jah, Hazarduari Palace of Murshidabad happens to be a praised authentic historic point of the state.

Worked amid the rule of the Nawab of Bengal, Nazim Humayun Jah, Hazarduari Palace of Murshidabad happens to be a praised recorded point of interest of the state. From students of history to craftsmen, from picture takers to recreation explorers, the three put away epic royal residence building has caught seeing a huge number of drifters from round the world.

Previously, the castle was utilized for holding gatherings or 'Durbar' of the Nawabs and high positioned British authorities. By and by it houses a historical center that shows a gathering of Dutch artistic creations, arms and ammo, bronze and marble statues, ensembles, gems, palanquins, carriages and different objects of gold, silver and ivory. Hazarduari Palace was given over to the Archeological Survey of India in the year 1985 for better rebuilding. It is currently the most unmistakable working in Murshidabad.

Those keen on going to Hazarduari Palace should keep a note of the accompanying certainties:

it stays shut on Friday,

Ticket cost is Rs. 10 for Indians and rs. 100 for remote nationals, and

it can be gone to in the vicinity of 9am and 5pm.

The regal staircase and Indo-European style of design of the royal residence add to its loftiness and excellence. The tranquil sight of Bhagirathi River streaming by the side of the royal residence adds effortlessness to its encompassing scene.

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