Some precious things of life

in hindi •  3 months ago


Hello friends Welcome to Steemit's Hindi blog, I'm going to tell you some special things of life today.

  1. Never think of anyone being useless in life, because the closed clock also tells the right time twice a day.
  2. The example of a person looking for someone's evil is like the 'fly', which sits on the wounds except for all the beautiful jism.
  3. Breaks out in poverty, which is special, thousands are made when money is passed.
  4. Look at the smiling look, if the whole is colorful or else the illusion of light, then the mirror also looks blurred.
  5. Things that occur sooner do not last much longer, and things which last for a long time do not get very fast.
  6. A good advantage of bad days is to find good friends.
  7. The disease comes like a rabbit and goes like a turtle while money comes like turtle and goes like a ragos.
  8. Finding happiness in small batches, because big things are only a few times in life.
  9. Do not get angry if you do not ask for something because you do not like it, but it gives you what is good for you.
  10. Do not be disappointed with the consistent failures, because sometimes the last key of the flick also unlocks.
  11. It is a thinking that we can do a single thing of human being, but see that the sun shines only on that sun.
  12. Do not break the rites, however bad it is, because the water is so messy, if the thirst can not be extinguished, but the fire can extinguish it.
  13. Now who will expect the wafa to be done, if the people made of clay are sold in paper.
  14. It is good to be silent like an animal if it is not possible to speak like a human being.
  15. When we did not know to speak, without our speaking, "mother" understood our point of view and today we say on everything "leave it" mother "you will not understand"
  16. "Succor are those of all the people who left with me in the worst times because they believed that I could deal with trouble alone alone.
  17. Poor poverty of goodness is good.
  18. Fluctuation in life is very important because the ECG direct line also means death.
  19. Rida nowadays become like a bread, roasted fresh water and became clean.
  20. Do not look for the good people in life "Become good to yourself" meeting with you is complete for anyone's quest.
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