VLOG024 | Hiking around Cornish Beaches

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As we eluded to in the last vlog, this one was going to be full of hikes. We are really gifted to be living in such a beautiful place during such a fantastic summer. I really think people are going to look back at the summer of 2018 quite fondly. We also have to doggy sit during the day, so Eddie is loving life right now. He does this weird thing where he pretends to not want to go out for a walk when we get his lead and harness. But then once we get out there, he absolutely loves it. As much as he looks like he's straight from one of the RSPCA adverts of abandoned dogs, he actually comes from a loving family, he is well fed and well entertained (and entertaining might I add!). He has just perfected that beaten, unloved, abandoned, puppy-dog look.

The first walk we took was south of Newquay to Crantock Beach. This is a massive stretch of sand that fills up dramatically when the tide is in. There can also be quite a nasty rip current here due to the River Gannel that flows alongside Crantock. Knowingly, we checked the tide times beforehand and knew we were in for a good walk. We checked out the Crantock Cave Carvings and Char describes the story of the beautiful woman who's life was lost. This cave carving is a tribute from a heart broken lover.

Eddie gets a good working over by two much larger playful pups and then we head further round the headland towards Fistral Beach where we find a nice little spot to jump into the azure ocean. You can see how crazy busy Newquay is getting as the holiday season gets into full swing. Fistral Beach was rammed!!

The very next day we go on a mad mission in the opposite direction, North. This is towards the wonderfully long Watergate Bay. Along the way we nearly get stuck by the tide on a headland, we run into an artist painting a lovely beach scene and keep finding awesome caves and hidden beaches to explore. We are so blessed to have all of this surrounding us.

Thanks for tuning in for another episode guys, next week we will be celebrating my birthday and gearing up for our very exciting festival coming up, BOOMTOWN!



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It's a great video man. Love the edit and the music. Keep up the great work!


Aye aye Captain! Will do, thanks for the support 🙌

have you learnt film making from somewhere or or its all your own skill.
your videos are like like always cool and fun to watch. great camera quality, nice content and absolute great editing which makes your videos more appealing. If you have time then plz upload a video about editing that will so much help full for a amature like me.


As much as I wanted to, I couldn't afford to go to film school. So I just kept making random videos here and there. Every now and again I see something like a video or a crazy transition, and then I want to learn more. So I jump on YouTube and try figure out how to do it with tutorials.

What I will do is try and make a quick "how-to" of the last VLOG. Hope to have it done this weekend! Thanks for the encouragement!



I will like it