My Favorite Quick Workout

in #hiit4 years ago

For busy days when I really need a good workout but can’t find time for a long, exhaustive sweat session, this is my go to workout. With the short duration of this video (17 minutes!), it’s hard to find excuses to not just put on my sneakers and get it done.

The video is from Fitness Blender, one of my absolute favorite online workout sites. The training style for this 17 minute workout is HIIT, high intensity interval training. Because this style requires you to extend ultimate effort during the workout, you’ll be surprised at how sweaty and and tired you will be after this quick video.

The workout video takes you through some fun exercise like jump squats and burpees, and also includes a warm up. After the 25 second intervals of the warm up, the HIIT portion ensues in 20 second intervals with 10 seconds of rest in between.

Here are all the reasons I love HIIT, although I invite you to share with me what and why you love your favorite form of exercise. And here is why you should check out Fitness Blender.

And below, I've embedded the video:


@pinkspectre Haha this is very useful for fat people



This is pretty good, ideally would be a cardiithi situation with some of the calisthenics at the end to have results with more effective

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