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RE: Hardfork 21 is HAPPENING. What will change?

in #hf213 years ago

Survival guide? There is absolutely nothing in here about sleeping bags and hiding under the bed. I feel cheated.


hahah ! best reply ever ! you made them change the title .. HF 21 yo !

Sleeping bags will be having zippers removed in order to make escape easier when attacked by a bear market, @meesterboom ... Unfortunately, beds will be lowered making it virtually impossible for anyone to hide from being jabbed in the ass with a hardfork….

That's why I don't trust beds!

And what about steemitblog? Been cheated twice now; they changed the headtitle ...

Aw. I feel bad. I was only joking! :0D

...or to hang themselves from...

It's been a long time, since I have commented, but this is awesome! I have been so busy, haven't had much time for content consumption lately.

Hey dude!! Glad you are busy, your YouTube channel working well?

It's the same old same old with me!!

Yeah it is going pretty well! Just passed 70k subs. But it is still like full time work for not even half time pay! LOL Just launched another ebook on Amazon, a little mini cookbook. And started some merch too. Things are progressing, still way slower then I would like! LOL Glad things are well with you.

70K! You are laughing! Once you got that magic 100K Mark you are in turbo charged mode!! Awesome stuff man!

oh yes the coveted "Silver" which really isn't silver play button! haha Thanks man!! :) :)

Aw, it's not silver! Swines!

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