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RE: We Double Our Steem Power Upvoting Ourselves Every 181 Days!

in #hf205 years ago

That's great! You come up with excellent calculations each time 👍
Going by your post it really looks like self upvoting can be slammed in hard fork 20. I think that should happen because then members will give more upvotes to deserving posts rather than showing self-love 😀


@parthpatel @jerrybanfield I think HF20 might change something like this. I really dislike the ability to change the rewards slider when people are abusing it. Someone just upvoted my friend's blog for $0.10 cents but upvoted their shit comment for $9.00 and their friends crap comment as well for another $9.00 :( I hope Steemit puts an end to abuse like this.

Yes, that's prone to happen. Not everyone can handle the great responsibility that comes with great power 😉
Even I wish this should be changed for making steemit platform a lot better where genuinness will be rewarded.

Maybe someday soon :)

@daniweav @parthpatel @jerrybanfield Hey! I'm the friend^

I can confirm I am indeed grieving upon the actions that have taken place. It's a sad time.

good cmnt

Thanks for the follow @joydip8116 👍

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