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RE: We Double Our Steem Power Upvoting Ourselves Every 181 Days!

in #hf205 years ago

I am upvoting at 1:1 and feel like it is a good long term solution; every time I upvote myself I upvote some else's post. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Like wise.

Same bro

I'm doing this now


you didn't vote me up :[

Lol I gotcha! :]

I want to live in a world where it pays more to upvote others.

I do the same, trying to keep it a little fair :)

I upvoted all of you even if i have low power -_-

Same here.. I always do 1:1
Let's share the love.. :)

That's nice that you think of others and upvote for members.

I think balance is an amazing thing! Karma is always watching!

Everything is possible what the rules allow. I gave you my upvote and I don't vote my comment.

I read somewhere that when you upvote yourself on another post, half of the rewards go to the op. Is this current, or was updated in a previous hf?

Sounds fair. I'm going to do that now! :)

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