Suggestion for Busy and Partiko - Remove your 'Upvote when posting' option

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The RC problem seizes everyone's attention for this hardfork, but there are other aspects that need our attention ... not on the chain, but on UIs.

As most of you know, that this hardfork has changed the rule about where the penalty-reward for early voting goes, making it meaningless to upvote your own post when you submit (time 0) unless you wish to donate to the platform while you post.

So, for Steem UIs, adding a check-box for self-voting on the submission page is no longer a convenient service to their clients, rather it is now detrimental (albeit not significant for most) to authors if they keep this old habit without changing the setting (that I will suggest to remove).

I have checked all three UIs that I use frequently:, and the Partiko App.

I am very pleased to see that Steemit has removed this almost right after the HF (I suppose), but Busy and Partiko have both yet to make the change.

螢幕快照 2018-09-28 上午10.41.23.png

Despite my awareness, my old habit got the better of me and I have made at least 3 self-votes while I post on both UIs...

It's really not a big deal, but since it's a redundant function that does not bring value to your clients, I suggest @busy and @partiko can check again and remove those button/box asap for their clients as soon as you can.

This one is busy's check box...

螢幕快照 2018-09-28 上午9.07.01.png

This one is Partiko's

螢幕快照 2018-09-28 上午10.19.21.png

Last, I am not sure if this suggestion is not practical, maybe it may cost too much resource for the UI etc.. But let's hear it...

Is it possible to keep these self-voting options but make the voting time 15 mins later?

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Yeah agreed.

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Esss que buena

Yes I like partiko to vote and share the post...coz it's easy and simple.

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I think it should remain. It's a good way to get the ball rolling and not everyone cares all about the curation. Maybe try and give some back to the system to help it out.

it seems like a ridiculous concept to begin with. good that it has been done away with

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Yeah i just downloaded Partiko, and was reading up on HF20 and i found it funny that they had set as default. good share!

Thanks for giving us a shot! We are holding to upgrade Partiko until hf 20 stabilizes. Thank you for your patience!

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Good idea. I watched your interview with @lukestokes by the way. Impressive!

As I once mentioned I would use you Partiko a lot more if:

  1. you could upload more than one photo.

  2. the voting slider could lock at the last position used. I generally upvote comments at 3% but it's very finicky to slide back to that position from 100% on every vote.

In any case you're doing something right because many Steemers use your interface.

Great advice! Our Android version already supports muti-photo upload and the new iOS version will have that as well! Great advice on the voting bar too!

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Good suggestion. I now choose to set auto upvote after 15 mins haha

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how do you do that? is steemauto functioning now?




I hope this works because I have been asking about it for about a year now :D

asking for it before HF20? you must have different reasons then.

yeah, I didn't generally selfvote at 0 and close my supporters out of curation but it would happen by accident and it annoyed me.

Absolutely! The reason not to vote at 0 minutes is that it deprives the later voter of some curation rewards. Once more users understand this, then it may even put off later voters from voting. To know how much is being returned to the reward pool, just go to the steemd version of a post and you will see the author_curate_reward as a percentage - this will now not go to the author but back to the pool.

Wow! I honestly didn’t know this either... So when would be considered a fair time to self upvote ones post, if at all? I have been thinking to no longer self upvote but I am trying to grow my Steem Power at these prices while it lasts. I only vote my posts once per day and none of my comments.

After 15 mins.
Then the 25% allocated to curators (including yourself at that point) will all go to the upvoters.
Can't do anything about those who upvote earlier - they may have their reasons.

Good point.

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I believe you are right. Aside the technical documentation, we need more practical information about the changes introduced in HF20.

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What about the points redemption in @Partiko? Any votes right after the post will go to the reward pool or just self vote will go to the reward pool?

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The curation of those votes will go to the reward pool not the whole vote.
Self voting at 0 minutes will give the whole curation of 25% back to reward pool, like every vote that early.
Not sure about those points in Partiko, but when they are voting in that 15 timeframe, part of the curation of their votes will go back to the reward pool, not benefiting the author. They have to change it to the 15 minutes mark.

Oh. OK. Thanks!

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Good point! At Partiko we want to make it super easy for our users, and we want out users to get the feel of certainty. Therefore we might think about continue to upvote right after the redeem to ensure that. There might be a chance we will change to upvote after 15 minutes in the future.

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Very good to know, thanks!

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Yessir! :)

Yes! You need to be weary of those buttons

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Genial post, soy nuevo desde agosto y cualquier info me es muy útil para saber mucho más acerca de esta fantástica red social. Sin duda, pienso que es muy buena esta red social y que hace algo muy positivo, y espero que este mantenimiento haya sido para mejorar.

If it possible they have to update the %Rc pending in each account.

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