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I've really been feeling the pain of HF20 recently.

Usually when I log in, I browse my feed and do some upvotes. Often times I'll make comments on posts I enjoy, or resteem them to help the author. Then, if I'm lucky, I'll be inspired to write my own post. The problem is that over the past week or so by the time I get my creative juices flowing, I'm all out of RC. I have even run up against the bandwidth wall when trying to simply comment or resteem. I know that I have a minuscule account with barely and SP, and I'm all for making spam less profitable, but it's getting a little frustrating for me. The real problem for me is that if I can't make my post I'll forget the theme of it in less time than it takes to generate the next Bitcoin block. I know what you might be thinking, "Just write out yer post, then publish it when yer RC is back, ya dingus!" That would probably work out just fine except for all the other electronic distractions engaged in pitched combat for my fickle, short lived attention. I could open gedit, I could play Dwarf Fortress or Factorio, I could even fall down the rabbit hole of bitcoin news and bleed myself completely dry of RC. The possibilities are endless!

Fellow Steemians who read this post, have you been tragically held back by the terror that is HF20? If so (and you can spare the RC) leave me a comment and we can discuss it! If not, this is a great opportunity to gloat about how rich you are!

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