What is Going on With Hexxcoin? Hexxcoin Exit Scam or Pure FUD?

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In this cryptocurrency video we will be talking about hexxcoin hxx and all of the controversy that is currently surrounding hexxcoin hxx. As of this hexxcoin hxx video, there are allegations against hexxcoin hxx lead developer dev007 over trying to conduct an exit scam of hexxcoin hxx. Crypto Mirage has been stating that dev007 of hexxcoin hxx is exit scamming and shows that dev007 sent over 27K hexxcoin hxx tokens to the cryptopia exchange. The hexxcoin hxx team themselves are pointing the finger at KingofHexxStreet, Crypto Mirage CM, IndominusHexxx, and RonaldBiggs. The Hexxcoin hxx team say that they entrusted the team development fund with Jeff (KingofHexxStreet) and he proceeded to market sell those funds. There are screenshots and videos from both sides, with both sides pointing the finger at one another. Hexxcoin Hxx is supposed to be conducting the Bitcoin Zero X hard fork, which is scheduled to take place on August 31st. Crypto Mirage CM doesn't believe that the bitcoin zero x hard fork will even happen at this point because of his beliefs of Dev007 of Hexxcoin hxx exit scamming. This exit scam controversy has led to the hexxcoin hxx price plumetting and as of this video hexxcoin hxx is worth less than $4. Hexxcoin hxx had recently stated that they had just filed the hexxcoin hxx application to get hexxcoin hxx listed on binance. Let me know your thoughts on this hexxcoin hxx situation. Do you feel this is a hexxcoin hxx exit scam or is this purely fud and other hexxcoin hxx stole from the hexxcoin hxx project. If you enjoy cryptocurrency content such as cryptocurrency price predictions, ICO reviews, cryptocurrency / altcoin reviews, and more of the like please consider subscribing to the channel. Hope you enjoy!


Hi @ylgv,

What you think now about hexx, it is too low now to get in. But as per the video you shared it is not easy for hexx to make a come back. Share your opinion on this.

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