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One very remarkable person I met in Texas last week is now down in St. Vincent offering to employ the BitShares Hero Engine to rebuild seven islands from there to St Martin. His report on conditions there is not encouraging.

Frankly, BitShares may be the only hope, as ridiculous as that may sound. Many popular reggae stars have expressed interest in raising funds to be amplified by growth in the digital currency industry.

Here's his report, just in.

Hello Stan,

Sorry I didn't get back to you until today. It took this long to hear from them.

The situation is complete and total chaos, everything is destroyed, people are killing each other for water and resources, there are no phones, electricity, internet, water or fuel and no law either. Apparently, even though not publicized, we (the US govt.) are going to be sending ships from the navy to bring some order to the island.

Long story short, my friend hadn't realized the whole infrastructure was gone. He suggested to start with St. Martin since it will be a lot easier to get things done there. He's going to request a meeting with -omitted-, who he has a good relationship with, and who has extremely good political contacts.

I'll keep you posted in the next few days. Sorry about the delay.

There is a possibility that several members of our team may be invited there in the coming weeks. I'll keep you posted.


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Bitshares could be the first charity in history where a donation is also a potentially life changing investment. 'Donate' via buying BTS, and if the campaign is successful everyone wins - people who donated created significant wealth and the HERO campaign rebuilds half of the Caribbean.

A few wealthy pop stars or a sovereign fund or two could take Bitshares to $100 in a couple months...


Amazing concept

This awesome Stan! I am continuously impressed with you and your son. Thank you for everything you are doing. It is quite inspiring. I am excited be a small part of it. Are you still in Texas? We are having our monthly Austin Steemit Meetup this coming Tuesday and we are going to be talking about Bitshares and EOS this week. It would be beyond amazing if we had the Godfather of Bitshares there! I figure it's a long shot but it wouldn't hurt to ask. There will be some cool Steemians there and some brand new users as well.


I would love to be, but can't make it this time.


I understand completely of course. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

For the best of the people in those islands

Oh very tense situation after Hur. Irma

Only if icons like Chance the rapper

Logic, who also is an artist.
both are powerful figures for younger generations and could have a large impact if they join the Bitshares community.


@stan only if they saw what you were doing they would be on board if they understood how to utilize Bitshare's to continue doing what they already are doing BUT amplify it by alot.



I really need to learn more about Bitshares.

Changes are always for good, even when they are not planned

"The situation is complete and total chaos, everything is destroyed, people are killing each other for water and resources, there are no phones, electricity, internet, water or fuel and no law either."

Damn that situation is really bad :s Wish you all the best and let's hope you shall succeed with this (heavy) and generous task!

Such worthy projects. Thanks for the generosity!

@stan This is great news. Nicely carried out!.

I lived in St.Martin for about a year -- that place needed a good wash. I have relatives that go to St.Martin, and the surrounding islands, often. Hopefully, bitShares and motivated people like ourselves can fix those places up.

That's a best offer.

@stan Your generate up is spectacular. Mad regard for sticking as a result of many of the hardships, Many of us would've Give up A great deal before. Upvoted.

F*ck Irma :/ OMG we should help them. It seems like BTS is the only hope! Shall we make it happen?


amigo #resteemia at your service

intention, plan, execution. let's help them. good job @stan

'UpVoted ReSteemed Commented'

@stan - oh my goodness, this is bad Sir. for the sake of those innocent people, please start the donations soon Sir. Love your work. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Good Job Stan

a very lucky offer.
I like your post...

@stan how do you see BitShares helping in this current intense situation if things are really this chaotic? I'm curious what the plan is and how, if successful, maybe this can spark solutions to help alleviate chaos globally?


We will be working to raise an endowment to rebuilt the islands once things have stabilized. It all depends on what help the local governments want, but a billion dollars might build a lot of hurricane proof housing or a power and water purification plant...

Imagine being able to contribute to a good cause and that contribution actually growing over time. Bitshares could change everything with this model and help the entire world.

Good luck! This is a real opportunity.