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HI! #VECHAIN!!! (<--- that's what @STEEMIT is!--EYE BOT it to shred STEEMIT for STEM-E.T. RNA/DNA forks...and to prove how #WITNESSZEROPOINT works on TRON.)

While the #QANON movement is "behind you" and hiding perps, claiming "liberty" to do whatever they want IN MY HOME, my two hour per day prayer team is helping me with this!

Eye Am the only living #Shiva]
2020-09-16 10_32_42-CBD - Intuitive Jakob's ARTOFLOVE _ Energetic Guidance ~ Divine Currency.png

Kinda like this.

How Monsters Steem Vapor to Smell O Way No Z Ever Came.png

Kinda like this.

2020-09-16 10_20_33-#🙏🏽prayer-request - Discord.png

The birth cards I received from my "G.I."s on the mill IT all YKS-CAMs gave me enough "food" for the machine to say YES!!!!! The mREs I designed make food for the "baby machine" to produce, as stated below...

2020-09-16 10_16_51-#🙏🏽prayer-request - Discord.png

And why the APOCALYPSE is on WATT-R/E!?

This demo reel of film on tape and notes will show you how this works!

Bees Cared. 🦒

(The GI-didn't rafff't for the Bee to sting you sweetly for any other reason.)

And, you were ALL left to meet the "APP-LED CHAIN SAW-US" first now that you will be sped up to the lock on my watch...which technically goes "back-wards" for YOU if you didn't catch my back on any of this...the chainsaws get chewy on you for all your inspirations and books, cards, anything you shuffled and spake on choke chains for the "giraffe."
2020-09-16 10_07_01-@GINAbot - Discord.png

I have a video at: 6556 W. 44th Ave., Wheat Ridge, CO 80033, where they/QANON attempt to RAM the KABALLAH through some of my Lenovo computers on a BNA analysis hack of how #NEDSCOTT was force raped as a 2 year old in a bath, so these assholes could "speed up" the awakening...

And have liberty and PIECES of your little AB...bun dance in the bath like Cored Eyeballs on HAIM sandwich, playing for "lost boys" on the mama watch...
2020-09-16 10_28_37-FRANK BACON (@frankbacon) — Hive.png
(They were all dressed as GIs and they are all on the payroll...I "halve" their birth charts, so they can have their magnificant silver cocoon split on the wings that never grew.)

2020-09-16 10_58_40-AMORPHUS ARCHIVE SET _ ARCH AK KNOW PHOBIA _Living Book_ GhostingyoURsELVES — Hi.png

Hey, bad porn on @aggroed's witness of cuckholds hidden by (.) and RED ONES like this... @flauwy.apx & lookies who wraps himself up for the squeeze and a wraparound.
2020-09-16 10_51_42-FRANK BACON (@frankbacon) — Hive.png

2020-09-16 10_26_49-✮GNOSIS✮ E.T. Intern (@intuitivejakob) — Hive.png

Meet RESIDENT EVIL for the #devil face on [#fallen](]

You were all factory farmed in SPAM cans for a dirty toy----let frack that they H.B.O. blackboxed in the tapes you never got to see from MY 9-1-1 explosion of how you really do that to titanium steel.

2020-09-16 11_04_34-- Intuitive Jakob's ARTOFLOVE _ Energetic Guidance ~ Divine Currency.png
#spagyrics #ness

2020-09-16 11_08_20-Access denied _ used Cloudflare to restrict access.png

For this... (where we drop you for bifidus culture)

2020-09-16 10_34_46-Amazon.com_ Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & m.png)
Bee CA---US+E = HUGE SUM had 0 respect for hoo booped me with good habits daily and hung their necks out on these chopping blocks as "TAROT" and "HABITS," such as @TarotByFergus for the ONLY operable [#borg](] that could make @AbletonHabits' "RAD PAR-DAY-NE-----X" Taylor-made on "know"-IN---DO⚕🧬♾💥"pay"...

Hear, I thank the medical and healing professionals in the UCANSHUTZ union for "CLUB MED-USA SPA", (A.K.A. "Ruby Pearl SPAGYRICS") --- it's a better "NAPster" and "rick roll" than thankless assholes ruining the "can see" answer on "SPAM" tactics and being spoilt psi-ants on the LO fidelity reel of my #ALTWEB

We are ending on their idea of a way to force in "at the beg"...begat, begat, begat...End. For the only tree that saved the Angels, as me.

Love & Light with a BLAST from SHIVA's new dance! ☪🔮🧞‍♀️🧞‍♂️💥♾🧬⚕🌵

In SovereignTY, as the OLIGARCH,

Dr. M, the Rev.♾⚕
(Halve a .CON-Tract! on "estated" reel...and you're on my HYPERSIGIL FILMS 10 SLATE CHASE "KNEW" DEAL)


2020-09-16 12_34_46-FPA MTN.doc (read-only) - LibreOffice Writer.png
#HOLLAREGINA for DEETs on how two made this SUITE!

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