Have you ever been homeless?

in helpthehomeless •  5 months ago

Do you have some 'dead' STEEM or SBD that you would like to transform into something more usefull?

I've been looking for Masternodes to invest in the past few days and I found this one that looks like a really good idea, Help The Homeless coin:

If you want more info about what a Masternode is check this:

Or for more info about Help The Homeless coin itself check:

To set up a MN for HTH you need 2,500,000HTH wich can be a high investment, BUT you can also join a shared MN service like: https://mintnodes.com, you only need to sign up and send the amount of HTH you want to invest to the address they provide under the coin you want to invest to.

Right now the MN for HTH is at 83%, and their fee is only 1%!

The core team of HTH looks really serious and commited, their community in discord is very active and they also have airdrops very often in the airdrops channel. I've been sending what I've won in the airdrops to mintnodes ;D

Also, in case you want to set up your own MN or many different Masternodes withouth using a shared MN service you need a VPS, DigitalOcean offers the service for only $5USD/mo, you can get 2 free months here. I am currently using DigitalOcean to host Mero and H2O Masternodes.

I have invested some of the liquid STEEM I had for a shared MN of HTH, because I trust this project. I hope you do your own research and take an informed decision. Right now the coin is only 3 or 4 satoshis worth.

I wish I could explain this better, but I am still new... anyways, if you are an expert and want to make a post about Help The Homeless coin, feel free to use the image I designed to illustrate your post!

They have a steemit account as: @hthcoin, you can find all their socialmedia there and a brief introductory post. Go show them some love if you want :)

I want to make a shoutout to: @karmachela, @stellabelle, @overkillcoin, @plushzilla, @justatouchfey, you might be interested on this, fellas ;D spread the word if you think is cool :)

Homeless image from pixabay

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Keep up your good work @fabiyamada!

Fortunately I haven't been homeless before but I have spent time with homeless people who have shown as much compassion and generosity (if not more) than those who are much more sheltered. Thanks for letting me know and I will look into this further :)


Me neither, but there are many homeless in my city. I am looking for a way to help, I hope this coins helps :) don't hesitate to join their discord server :D

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