Help! I'm a spam victim!

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Hello Steemians!

So I posted two days ago, and yesterday, i got this spam comment which i replied to saying i did not understand what it was about. Only to find out that by that singular act, i gave the spammer the ticket to using my account to send spam messages.

Today when i realized, i started deleting each of those spam messages my account was used to send as comments on posts. Then i got a warning that i could get flagged for the spams i was supposedly spreading.

It got so bad i was notified my bandwith was exhausted. Please i need help on how to get this hacker blocked.

Has anyone had a similar experience?
How did you go about it?
How can i rescue my account and secure it from future occurrences like this?

Please i need help as soon as possible!

Here's the link to the post i first got the spam message.

That's a shot of the spam message and my first reply.

My account was used to spread this...

And this messages...

That's the warning i got and my reply.

Please i need your sincere opinions on how i can salvage this situation. All contributions are welcome.

And if you have seen any of those messages in your comments section from me, i'm sorry, i didn't send it. I should have known and never replied. I'll be more careful next time.

Steemit platform administrators, whoever is in charge, please don't flag me. I'm working hard on this.

Thanks in anticipation.

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I am sorry to use caps.
but people need to understand this.

You said that you gave the spammer ticket to send spams using your account, and in one of your comment on that spam said that you already checked (I assume you did click that link and enter your steemit username and password to that site)
this not only allows the spammer use your account to spread spam comment but also taking over your account completely (including transfer) basically they can do EVERYTHING you can do to your account.

I suggest that you change your master password and all the password IMMEDIATELY.

By entering your username and password to that site, you are giving them your username and password. that site RECORD your username/password.

Again sorry to use caps. but i have to.

This trick is very old..


Yes. My bad. I've changed my passwords. I know better now. Thanks for the warning. The spams have stopped now.


Thank god, hopefully, there is no other bad thing they did to your account.
Again, sorry for using capslock in my previous comment. a bit odd that I felt really worried about the bad thing that could possibly happen to your account, right after I see your screenshot on the post. . :D

I think you should make a post about this incident so other people won't experience the same thing as you did (if you have not already).

sorry for the bad English, I am not a native speaker. Cheers..


Please stop apologizing.. It's totally fine. And your english is superb! Thank God i could save my account on time, thanks to all of you. I'll spread the word!

This is very worrisome. Why would anybody do this with someone's account? These deviants have to get tracked and blocked ASAP! They are bad news. I dunno but there should be 'complain' option in the menu, that'll send a DM to the admin for immediate action


Thanks for your concern @slimsieris. I think this is a wake up call for every steemian. Anyone can be attacked.

Dear post me

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Oh thanks. Never even thought this existed. I appreciate!


I just had someone spam 22 downvotes on my blogs. steemcleaners just removed all the downvotes. I could really care less, but I had to let them know so other people don't get hit.


Actually I think this would be faster.
Fill out the report and get rid of abusers!


Ok. I looked it up. I'll follow the instructions. Thank you so much for your help.