Help Me Out Steemians - How To Get Started With Steemit ??

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Hi everyone.

I am very glad that I came to know about Steemit. I have been wondering to get a good way to make money online. I tried all possible things that says we can earn money through them available in the internet including Google's Adsense. I have made many videos in YouTube. I earned very much less compared to what a Steemian gets here. I am very much interested and can't wait to start with Steemit.

Someone Please Clarify My Doubts

I understood that Steemit has something to do with Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Unfortunately, I don't know a thing about Steem Dollar, Steem Power and Steem. What are these terms? How can I make use of Steemit to make some handful of money? I request eachone of you to help me find answers to these questions. Thank you all.

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Start by reading the white paper. Good luck!

Followed, new as well, looking forward to what tips come from this post. The community is awesome with help!


Followed back. Waiting to see more help.

I could spend a lot of time writing answers for each of these questions but what i found best was wathing #jerrybanfield @jerrybanfield this guys has a lot of knowledge and speaks in very simple understandable terms. Best of luck with your steemit


#jerrybanfield @jerrybanfield is a wealth full of knowledge when it comes to your questions


Awesome video. Thanks for the info.