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With just one true "follower" I sometimes get a little down in the dumps.

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Should I continue putting the time and effort it takes to post?


There have been others that was "followers" that have dropped out. I was looking for a group that would work together and grow together as a group and increase the value of Steemit as a whole. I haven't totally given up but am saddened by it all. Maybe I set my expectations to high. Should I lower or remain the same and plod on?


Do not give up.
I wanted to many times. But look at my blog now.
I am covered up. Be careful what you wish for.
My days are long. But, Steemit is worth it.
Each dollar you get now. Will be worth 50 to one hundred dollars
this year I think.
So where you are if you quit now. You account will be worth 10 to 20 thousand. Is that worth staying for?
That is what I think strongly. But, I could be wrong.


Don't give up. The louder the din, the harder it is to be heard. Just be true to yourself and your value. Post to express yourself and the rest will follow.

Awww... pls don’t give up. I am your true follower too and a fan of your steem post. Maybe you can treat steem just like how you would treat Facebook or Instagram 😜 and eventually see the rewards coming in gradually. I prefer posting here cause Facebook doesn’t pay. So in that sense, I become contented already.

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