ADVICE FROM PAPA - VIDEO 16 - Tips For Newer Users on Steemit

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What about sharing "non-original" content?

There seems to be a lot of this going around sometimes, which is fine, and completely permissible, if it is done correctly. Since steemit is a site that can actually pay you, it is best not to solely share videos or text from elsewhere on the web. That content already exists and has already been created by someone else. If you feel like sharing it here, I strongly recommend including a few paragraphs about why you are sharing it or what it means to you. That way, you have added some value to the non-original content that you are sharing.

If you want to share news stories or text from elsewhere on the web, it is important to always cite the sources and make sure not to give the impression that the work is yours. You do not want to be seen as a potential plagiarizer. Again, it is always best to add something original to it too. Share some of your own thoughts or insights. Why are you quoting the source? Why are you sharing it?

EDIT- Also, make sure not to copy and paste entire news articles either. You can share from other sources, but let us know that it what you are doing and I'd recommend adding some of your own thoughts on the matter too.


Hopefully this video provides some additional food for thought for some of you. I have seen multiple users "get in trouble" with non-original content before, and I'd hate for it to happen to any of you.

I'll try to keep these videos "bite-sized" and easy to digest. I like to make them small enough to fit into your schedule easily and helpful enough that I'm not wasting your time. Hopefully, that is the case.

Until next time…

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This is an important issue to address, as I've been seeing a long of it lately. I just wrote a post about a guy who got flagged into nothingness for knowingly plagiarizing content here, and how I didn't see it a shill a bad thing.

I feel you're going to talk about something, that's great! But as you say, make sure you are adding your own value to it or it could rightly get flagged.

If you could edit this post and include something about don't copy/paste entire news articles here, I'd be very grateful for it.

(Because this is 90% of what copy/pasta is... it's often entire news articles or people's blogs elsewhere)

I just had to finish downvoting about 8 articles from @tonypat who was just running around the internet, any news article he saw, he'd CUT/PASTE, create a post. Then he'd go find another one..


As always great advise :) Thanks Pappa-Pepper:)

You're welcome @fg4jesus!

Hai @papa-pepper Please teach me to be as successful as you

I can't... but I can give advice, which is what these videos are for.

I cannot even guarantee my own success.

Maybe enough with upvote my post then I will succeed

As long as you keep posting and keep improving, you should keep progressing.

Thanks papa-pepper

Unfortunately I fell victim to this, I cited the source of my post but somehow did not add any original thought/content of mine...that brought cheetah and steemcleaners to the post😢. I learnt the hard way.


TL;DR (your comment) LOL

I happen to agree with you
I post a mix...

  1. original content..(mostly my serialized books...)
  2. "Stuff" my post on toll roads
  3. newsn-viewz....'shared' thingies that I find while surfing and what I think about it.
    4..straight share (a couple of paragraphs...and a link)
    oh yeah..
  4. memes (and webcomix)

(shrug)...some folks don't like it...

Yeah, you mix it up. I've just seen too many newer users share someone else's YouTube video with no text and wonder why they aren't making money. or copy a news article without linking the source and then get angry when "steemcleaners" of the "cheetahbot" stops by.

the best way to 'fix them'..
is just ignore them..
after a while they'll figure it out..
or not..
and leave..

Thanks for the series @papa-pepper. You are truly a mentor for this platform. Resteemed.

Glad to hear that it is beneficial.

Thanks! I was guilty of this mistake early on

Many have.

newbee here, thanks 4 advice. This is 3rd help video of yours I'vied watched and they are very helpful. I'm taking it slow, still can't do my ID photo, but I have made 3 cents so far........skies the

wait a minute, I just checked my wallet and I lost 2 cents... I'm only up a penny now. steem on...

Great advice @papa-pepper.

very informative and helpful , thank you @papa-pepper. Sharing this , UV and RS ;-)

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Thanks, I'll keep these in mind.

Any way to make your content more "reachable" ?
Like posting at a particular time of the day or something.

For a few posts I feel people do like reading it, i see there's only a very small difference between the "views" count and "upvotes" count.


Not sure.... I'd just try to be consistent and continue.

Good statement. Taking short parts of texts, which are already out there is just fine I guess. But whenever you take more of it or maybe even the complete content it should be indicated to honor the original author respectively.

Right. Thanks @starflyer-9000

welcome :)

Thanks once again great advice👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

I did a little post about the value of your labor..

In it I mention that your word and your reputation are often more important and more valuable than the actual monetary value of your post or labor. A huge amount of social capital is determined by your honesty, and plagiarizing work will seriously harm any social capital you have built here in this community. I find a lot of people here just openly linking to content that they have not created, and never even write a small blurb about why it matters to them. Like you stated in one of your earlier videos on this series, just be yourself and be honest, and you will gain the following and the reputation you deserve. Even if the timeframe you hope to accomplish this is isn't going as fast as you thought, there is no shortcut to success by using the hard work and labor of others to profit for yourself.

Thanks as always @papa-pepper

your word and your reputation are often more important and more valuable than the actual monetary value of your post

So true! Your "real reputation" is worth more than the number next to your username too!

I'll go check it out! Thanks!

Good one! Resteemed. :)

Awesome Really great Advice Followed

Great article, normally the text is mine, but will use some Google images, I'm rubbish at art and sometimes a good image is worth a thousand words, but I always cite the image source, thabjs for the great advice.

Sounds like you are doing it right then! Keep it up!

As all ways spot on @papa-pepper great advice in this series thank you . that was a big sip of moonshine :-)

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@papa-pepper. You Rock Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More good advice and I rarely do it unless I feel the need to share a video about a topic. I always say who the author is as well.


Hi My name is StaceyAnn
I'm new to the Steemit community thank you for this tip.

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what up @papa-pepper I have seen you all over the place here on steemit, I thought I had followed you already but I guess I haven't. (until now) you seem like a cool dude who know a bit about what steemit is. thanks for the post. I am glad to hear what you think on on this stuff.