Hi There, Send anywhere between 1 SBD and 10 SBD to @smartresteem to get more upvotes and return on investment via getting high visibility to your post with resteem to whales and minnows!

fuck hey, all the best for you! i have no money to help you, but i will vote my full power of course and reestream your horrible situation!


O man this must suck - the best I can do is resteem and give my small vote - I hope a lot of people see this and help you so that you can return home - hang in there

I've shared all over on discord too. Hope you get sorted soon. How much do you still need?

Ugh, hang in there, man! I can only help by resteem this

@mallorcaman Bro... Where are you now... Are you in kerobokan jail or in the police station.. If so which one... The airport or kuta. Let me know all the details. Have you got a lawyer.. Maybe I can help you depending on how far this is gone... If its not in the news yet you can still maybe do deal... Contact me immediately

Yes I have lawyers and working on it. Only problem is paying for it all. Thanks for your support and concern. I dont want any media attention just to make this as short as possible and get home to my family.

Sorry to hear. I hope you can get some Bali based Steemians to give you some support. Contacts are worth more than money over there. Indonesia has some of the strictest drug laws in the world and lots of westerns have been locked up over small amounts. Good luck.

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