Please Help ( stuck in Indonesian Prison )

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Hi dear Steemians

Its been a while since I posted on here and Im almost ashamed to ask for help but I have come into some serious problems on my last trip. I travelled to Bali, Indonesia with a few grams of Marijuana and got caught in customs. I had no idea that it was such a serious offense over here and find myself locked up far away from home and my children. I have nobody to blame but myself for this but I am in a terrible bind. If I dont come up with enough funds to cover my legal fees and ( other money that they are asking for me ) I will be looking at a lengthy jail sentence for what I consider a very small offense. I am not selling drugs or anything like that. I have been using Marijuana for 26 years and allthough have considered quitting more than once its basically mission impossible.

I know there are many good people on this platform and was hoping for support either in the form of upvotes/shares or perhaps any small donation that you could afford at this time.


Image link :

Its been 9 days since they locked me up and after much debate I decided to write this post with the hope that some of my old followers will be able to support me in any way possible.

I know that I will not be able to raise the amount needed through this but any little bit of help I can get right now is important.

Donation adresses

btc :



Its a very hard time for My family and myself, and allthough I have managed to liquidate what crypto I had on me and make some payments I have only covered about a third of what I need to pay in total so far.

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@mallorcaman Bro... Where are you now... Are you in kerobokan jail or in the police station.. If so which one... The airport or kuta. Let me know all the details. Have you got a lawyer.. Maybe I can help you depending on how far this is gone... If its not in the news yet you can still maybe do deal... Contact me immediately


Yes I have lawyers and working on it. Only problem is paying for it all. Thanks for your support and concern. I dont want any media attention just to make this as short as possible and get home to my family.

@mallorcaman really needs a lot of help and nobody would like to be in their situation

Ugh, hang in there, man! I can only help by resteem this

fuck hey, all the best for you! i have no money to help you, but i will vote my full power of course and reestream your horrible situation!


I've shared all over on discord too. Hope you get sorted soon. How much do you still need?

O man this must suck - the best I can do is resteem and give my small vote - I hope a lot of people see this and help you so that you can return home - hang in there

Marijuana is a serious offense in south east asia. And yes money helps.

I have lived in Bali and the neighbouring gilis for over 15 years. I speak fluent Indonesian and have contacts in the police and have a team of lawyers. Just contact me day or night brother.

Are you able to use a phone in addition to the Internet? Do you have a lawyer already? Anyone have a local contact there to get you one you can trust?


Yes I am for now able to use internet at times. And also have lawyers working my case.

Sorry to hear. I hope you can get some Bali based Steemians to give you some support. Contacts are worth more than money over there. Indonesia has some of the strictest drug laws in the world and lots of westerns have been locked up over small amounts. Good luck.

At least you have Internet. Is There the threat that they can take this away from you?

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i like this

Stop taking drugs not good for your health :(