I know the law. I AM THE LAW!!! I am the TRUTH! Join the TRUTH party, The Radical Underground Tyrant Haters party! All Common Law Rights are reinstated, everyone is open carrying, and no one has any government issued form of ANYTHING. Welcome to the NEW West!!! We are a dipshit democracy. FUCK AMY GOODMAN!!!

Okay you tried. But there has to be something we agree on :-)

What I mean is that WE are the law. We as indigenous people are given dominion over this land by god so WE are the law. Therefore I am the law. And so are you! No victim no crime, that is the law. Do no harm but stand your ground.

okay i can accept it as quiet good explaination of the law!

what would you say if i am insulting?
just theoreticly.
i am sometimes to other ones
i am breaking the law?

I would say that is freedom of speech. Depending on how insulting I would use my own verbal free speech right back. The point is if as a collective consciousness we all knew and accepted this there would be no need to insult each other. Unless of course we were being comical.

I often only go outrage with topics people dont think of.
Like the milgram-experiment.

For me this is all simple and for you too it seems.

Sometimes its hard for me to talk to people who dont understand this all well.

In "normal life" i am not insulting. People dont like this.
So i dont do it.

Here i sometimes use to get attention.
Maybe its not the best way.

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

It is certain

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

It is not possible to know the law.

Why its not possible?

Fed tax code: 74,000+ pages = 1 law. Patriot act: 75,000 pages = 1 law. More than 20,000 new Federal, State and County laws plus city ordinances, are added to the books every year. Law makers don't read the laws they enact, they don't have enough time to do it. (some have already said so)

I asked a Judge at a back yard BBQ if he could cite the exact statutes that compel him to pay taxes..... He couldn't do it. (Neither can I, but that is not the point here)

Multiply this by 192 countries, all with their own laws.

If no cop, lawyer or judge can quote/cite the law without going to the library first, or reading it out of a book or computer screen, it is not humanly possible to know the law, it is simply too large. All we can do is try.

I get what you mean. And that also belongs to my point! What you have to recognise is that this is "man made law" what you discribe. But there is logic law how to act in society. You can find it under "natural law" i think. I dont need all this "rules and laws" that are man made. Because they are nonsence and only there to regulate all to the benefit of the psychopaths.

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