The ancient language of ivrit ( עברית ) Genesis #12

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Welcome back to my DTube Hebrew reading & language series.

The full study is now on line covering the Alef-Beyt here in my blog. This is a beginners program to teach letters, vowels, and reading. The vowels are marked in this bible and are designed to help avoid confusion on what a word is and how it is pronounced. The confusion is obvious in the hundreds of interpretations globally. In modern Hebrew, only children need a niqqud or vowel marking for each letter. Old manuscripts also usually have vowels marked.

This week covers Genesis 1:23-25.

God is now commanding that the earth bring out each creature that is alive; the livestock, creeping things, and beasts according to the kind of each (her in Hebrew). Then God "made" the same set of mentioned living things.

It is common to repeat things in Hebrew sometimes for chronology, then repeated to give more detail. Other times, as in today's example, to express that everything was already there, able to have the earth bring out those things, then to affirm that God made them.

This video different.

I am putting more detail into the video this week. My intention was to identify the vowels in each word and their sounds. Then say the word drawing the order in which to join every letter and vowel. Then say the word fluently.

For now I am ignoring cantillation marks and other notations. My intention is to get you reading! The definitions are all there and the word order is something you will get used to when you are able to read and compare verses. The ability to learn on your own is one of my goals for you.



Actions words (verbs) change based on if a male or female is doing that action. Other letters are added at the end to signify that the action impacts him, her, them, etc.

I cannot teach reading, pronunciation and the entire gamut of verb structure at the same time. For now, keep in mind that this structure exists. Note the way each word changes depending on masculine or feminine doers and or receivers of the action. The rest will come in future lessons.

Here are the links

Please click over to DTube and read the above passage with me in Hebrew.

▶️ DTube

Mistakes: I know how to press record, then stop when I am done. I do not know much about editing. I know there are several unintended errors. Please excuse them.

If you are just starting, my lessons are all here starting at Alef, adding vowels (the dots and lines) as we go, the sofit formations and numerical values. Just go to my blog and scroll to the bottom or click here

Get your Hebrew Bible now!

Click here to obtain the book we are using. It is a free download - or browser usable.

Thanks for taking the time to watch and read.

Shabbat Shalom

I give no opinion, but yours are welcome below

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I am putting more detail into the video this week. My intention was to identify the vowels in each word and their sounds.
Absolutely correct and this is much better! Thank you very much for helping whole world to read Hebrew fluently.

Shabbat Shalom~

Oh yeah @hebrew, the Hebrew language is very beautiful and your video gives an excellent representation of Hebrew as a wise and sacred language. Well done! Resteem

Genesis ends with Israel in Egypt, ready for the coming of Moses and the Exodus. The narrative is punctuated by a series of covenants with God, successively narrowing in scope from all mankind (the covenant with Noah) to a special relationship with one people alone (Abraham and his descendants through Isaac and Jacob).
Great post @hebrew sir.

peculiarity of this verb is that it is always used with God as its subject, meaning that only God can "bara"; it is the characteristic verb for God's creative activity in Genesis 1.


Hello @hebrew,

Extraordinary good post which help community to learn this ancient language. Excellent & good guidance video attached with it. Incredible post & Shabbat Shalom.


you are really doing great job sir @hebrew, I always learn something new from you from hebrew language, thank you sir for making a video for us :)
God bless you sir.

upvoted and resteemed.

Your posts are very interesting especially for me .

I waited anxiously on Friday to learn from you @hebrew teacher, your publications give us good teachings, I believe that each previous publication has helped me not to understand everything, but to get involved in this interesting language thanks for teaching m

Wellcome back sir @hebrew with your new lessons here on dtube with your wonderful teaching skills. In this lesson you describe about the identification of Vowels in very best way. My always best wishes for your passion for this historical language hebrew to brought up here on steemit. Lots of love and salute to you for your countless efforts Shabbat Shalom and have a nice weekend.

שיעור גדול באמת ידידי היקר ושפה חשובה מאוד. הפוסט שלך הוא בעל ערך רב עבורנו ורבים תודה רבה ללמד אותנו

Another valuable Hebrew lesson & you teach well through video session too. Valuable content & thank you

Don't you just love Archive. org? Thanks for the link. I have wanted to obtain a paper copy of the Greek Bible and its translations. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you @hebrew!

Well, the wonderful Teacher of the best language @hebrew first of all i would like to praise your way of explaining the things, is highly appreciable. Actually I am a teacher too by profession and I know the how to convince the learners to learn the beauty of lesson in a very composed way. You are more than perfect in it.

Since, I am following you you gave me so much to learn this ancient language and even the pronunciation is getting better on every 7th day ( as your post comes after 1 week).

I am really thankful to you for this great opportunity and I wish you a very sound health. So that this journey remain green forever Amen :)

wow Hebrew language teacher, I am still learning with your publication. interesting today the topic "niqqud" thanks do not stop teaching me

Excelente cada día aprendiendo un poco mas, paso a paso de esta interesante lección, cada semana esperando sus publicaciones para aprender de este Idioma aunque se me hace complicado, pero no voy a desistir algo debo aprender jeje, Gracias por compartir sus enseñanzas.

Great lesson and important language.this is valuable post.
Thanks @hebrew
Have a great day.

ברכות בעברית כמה ימים בלי יכולת לקרוא, החלים מהניתוח על הכתף ואסרו עלי להשתמש במקלדת ... ובכן, כאן אני הולך מעט. הנושא הוא הביא מהטקסט שלך, אני הציל שני דברים יישארו עבור הלמידה שלי.

  1. חזרה על דברים או מילים, אני חושבת שהקריאה הקדושה נעשתה על ידי מורים או מורים שנוטים לחזור על אותו שיעור מספר פעמים או עם דגשים אחרים.

זה קורה כשאנחנו בקבוצות גדולות. זוהי טכניקה טובה ומאות שנים נתנו את הסיבה לכך כי הרעיון ואת הולך על מה שאתה רוצה להעביר יותר כאשר אתה מחפש הגייה נאותה ללא עיוות של הגירסה אבות הוא הבין.

2.- הדבר השני על הפועל לפי הז'אנר, שלא ידעתי. מעולם לא חשבתי על הצמידה של הפועל לפי ז'אנר שלו בספרדית, תוך שימוש בזמן, אופן, מקום, נסיבות.

, תודה רבה, תודה רבה על זה, היום אני מאוד שמחה ומגיעה ל -1,000 הראשונים שלי.


שלום עד שבת הבאה אם ​​אלוהים רוצה.

Hebrew is really interesting language to learn. Thanks for teaching. You are adding great value to steemit through your content.

After so many week of Hebrew infusion to the platform, you are leading your followers to read more indepenently on our own. Very structured and organised. By the way, it really looks like you are a school teacher. Great way to let the world learn Hebrew well. You can also consider joining @steemiteducation as your articles are really educational. @steemiteducation does upvote quality articles. You have definitely put in a lot of effort in this. There is also @steemiteducation discord where members support one another. This may lead to greater explosure of your wonderful works. Thank you so much for your sharing and may God continue to bless you in all your ways!

It looks a little complicated, but as you say, it's a matter of analyzing and putting in your own effort to interpret what you say and the right way to do it. When I finish the project I'm working on, God willing, I'm going to take some time to see all the tutorials you've done, I'd be very happy if I could learn this language.

Here comes my favorite language teacher.
Off to dtube then

I am not being able to watch it in dtube as I think dtube is having some issues right now. But I will check it later and you are someone doing great tutorial on this language. Thanks.

Excellent hebrew Lagrange experience. great teacher.

Very nicely and easily you described about everything this was great to checkout thanks a lot for sharing that :)

Thanks for the hard work of yours buddy !

Note the way each word changes depending on masculine or feminine doers and or receivers of the action. The rest will come in future lessons.

Thank you for these lessons & looking for future lessons. Useful & valuable content to Steemit.

It's a good lesson of Hebrew language......It is very useful information....
Thanks for sharing....
Upvoted and Resteemed....

your reading & learning series is so impressive idea. it helps all of us to learn, read and pronounce hebrew so well. thank you & excellent video. @hebrew

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Great lesson and important language."Genesis " and they are presented is valuable. Great Work sir.
Thanks @hebrew
Have a great day

nice thing to learn thanks @hebrew for making this possible ...
Thank you for contributing to the Steemit Community.Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to your next posts....
upvoted and resteem...done

Awesome work from you sir and thanks a lot for sharing,have a great day,keep posting.

i am new at steemit..i heard about your valuable hebrew language from my friends..i read from your valuable post..i gather some knowledge about this valuable language..thank you sir..

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Excellent hebrew Lagrange experience. great teacher.

Thank yo very mucho the hebrea les son is amazing!!!

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@hebrew sir i heard that your health is not good,that makes me worry.After joining steemit i found only a few person like you though rest of all is way behind that you.You are very kind and polite.Through your activities people gets encouragement.So your health is very important to all of us.I am praying for you that you recover early from illness.I want to see you as a very fit person.Thank's for share.

Genesis 1:23-25 King James Version (KJV)
23 And the evening and the morning were the fifth day.

24 And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so.

25 And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.

Here God saw all that he has created and it was good and prefect...because he is a perfect God... Thanks sir @hebrew for always bringing the word of God to us which is the word of truth and life. Happy weekend as well as happy Sunday to you, and may almighty God continue to bless you and your entire household...Amen.

Seeing all these written Hebrew words, you literally have be an artist to actualy write it correctly. That’s the beauty of Hebrew language, you are all artists. However, while going through these words few more times, it doesn’t seem so difficult. I guess practice is what it takes.

Very useful and most powerful ancient language tutorial introduction @hebrew. I waited your lesson sometime. You successfully do it before few minutes. Highly recommending post from me. Pronunciation clear and awesome. Resteemed your post.

Better introducing Dtube video for pronunciation Hebrew language. Nice lesson and appreciate your every support @hebrew.

It is more than helpful. Now I know why they repeats words. I will watch it over again. I will have to learn this slowly to catch every vowel. You are a good teacher

I was not able to watch the video but I really really benefit from the message. I really like the way you translate the Bible you did a great job with genesis. Sorry to ask how you an Israelite?

This is a beginners program to teach letters, vowels, and reading. The vowels are marked in this bible and are designed to help avoid confusion on what a word is and how it is pronounced.

@hebrew, Absolutely Very clever mentioned about Ivrit language and how to deserve to current community. Unfortunately video not working properly to me. Maybe my network issue. I'll check again & again. Great covering Genesis 1:23-25. This is valuable long introducing post. You're greatest Ivrit teacher around steem blockchain. Keep going.


DTube sometimes takes a while to download the source files. This is a decentralized video platform still in development.


I thank you for all that you have done
for me & for Filling up our life with your wonderful teaches. You are great ivrit teacher in steemit keep going.... God bless you

Shabbat Shalom.....

Great to fine tune the pronounciation with dtube video by @hebrew sir and you are my best teacher for this ancient language.

Omg...Dtube video contents not view for mine. Is this technical issue? I haven't any idea. I tried a lot but failed. However your writing contents so powerful teachings indeed @hebrew.
Definitely great effort and hope you fix Dtube very earlier.


I was waiting three hours to move the video from my phone to the computer, then to upload to DTube. It is playing well on my several computers. This one is much longer than the others, it is 15 minutes. I hope you are able to load it later.

Thanks for Hebrew lesson.

שבת שלום

Very nice post..its really useful and most powerful ancient language tutorial introduction.I couldn't see the video because of my poor net conection,i will try again to watch the video but its very useful ..its very great lesson and i appricate your work..its giving us motivation to learn something new ..thanks for sharing us such a useful post and keep supporting me sir @hebrew

it is an great language, you teach me just awesome teacher,
@upvote done

Thanks for the information of the Bible. the very helpful language.
such a good topic & wonderful dtube video'

Super detallada la explicación, así podemos seguir aprendiendo del hebreo, cada duda trato de ir aclarando, si no puedo lograrlo, me regreso a sus post anteriores, mi objetivo es aprender, gracias @hebrew

science that is very useful for everyone.

Hebrew is such a great language!!!Thanks for sharing.
It is valuable and very useful ancient language.

התוכן של ההודעה הוא ממש טוב. תודה רבה על שיתוף כזה פוסט נחמד. אני תמיד מעריך את הפוסט שלך. יברך אותך אלוהים. אני אוהב את האנשים האלה, המשתמשים בעברית
though I am from another country I also love @hebrew


12:1 וַיֹּאמֶר יְהוָה אֶל־אַבְרָם לֶךְ־לְךָ מֵאַרְצְךָ וּמִמּוֹלַדְתְּךָ וּמִבֵּית אָבִיךָ אֶל־הָאָרֶץ אֲשֶׁר אַרְאֶךָּ:

12:2 וְאֶעֶשְׂךָ לְגוֹי גָּדוֹל וַאֲבָרֶכְךָ וַאֲגַדְּלָה שְׁמֶךָ וֶהְיֵה בְּרָכָה:

12:3 וַאֲבָרֲכָה מְבָרְכֶיךָ (וּמְקַלְלֶיךָ) אָאֹר וְנִבְרְכוּ בְךָ כֹּל מִשְׁפְּחֹת הָאֲדָמָה


An interesting lesson, each time more exciting and it seems that he touched something sacred and clean. Thank you very much for your knowledge.

Since I follow you, I have been interested in these topics, it is a bit difficult for me to understand, but I assure you that with each publication I am learning something, you are very good, teaching thanks for sharing your knowledge, I hope for your next publication.

This is a very valuable article.We are very useful in learning the language.
Thank you for great writing experience.


Thank you for the lesson. After I spent more than 2 hours watching the video and I really liked it. I think I'm starting to understand.

excellent @hebrew. I loved your previous post, "creatures among others". but this publication today is great, every time I learn these interesting topics, another thing, the bread looks delicious, thank you for not stopping teaching us always.

@hebrew - Sir you wrote a valuable post & made a valuable video at the same time... Learning Hebrew becomes very interesting due to your effort Sir... Thank you...


You know what i always wait for your post every week, but today i went to sleep, I think i'm commenting late but i would love to say that, thank you for another lesson of @hebrew language, you are doing it with perfection sir, keep it up.

Good information about creature of nature .
Good article , Shabbat shalom

Excellent hebrew Lagrange experience. great teacher.
Upvote & Resteemed

i love this language, i always waiting when you came here with hebrew,
you are a great man. god bless you.
@upvote done

this world have some great & loving person who teach good lession for all.
you are such type of person.
love you.

it is awesome language, i always prefer your lecture, your presentation is so nice.

it is an special language, your lecture make this more special.
God bless you,
thanks for share this. love you.

Great lesson of Hebrew language.thanks for sharing. very useful information.
100% like and resteem

Espero semana a semana sus publicaciones, para que siga instruyendome con este idioma muy complejo, pero de gran interes para mí gracias por compartir @hebrew

A wonderful lesson and a great video, my friend, it's always very interesting to learn more about such a beautiful and wise language as Hebrew ! Thanks for your work @hebrew

You are the great teacher for me, I'm learning from you even I'm following your previous post that i missed. Its also very helping me to learn your dtube Hebrew reading and language series. I highly appreciate your teaching system that really interesting and easy for me. I had not any idea before your language but your post giving me that idea. Hope many people who are interested this language they're being helpful too by your post. Thank you very much, upvoted your post ,good wishes for you.


Thank you for another very good lesson. You are a very dedicated teacher. Many blessings to you for this work..... Get better soon. thank for resteem...

Thanks for the Hebrew this post very important lesson and useful.
your good work and great For your post propagation.

it is my 4th lecture,
i learn something from here.
#upvote & #resteem done

i feel proud when i think i am a follower of great man share the most interesting language..from your post i learn this hebrew great language..i am always with you dear..
god bless you @hebrew

Me gustan tus lecciones, siempre esperando una próxima, lastima que los problemas en la señal, no permite ver el video!!!

@hebrew Each time your contributions to the community are better, the original language of the sacred texts is very useful and to share in this platform, what for a long time we only learned in classrooms is something valuable, so I thank God for your great initiative. I will continue expanding, refreshing, learning and growing with each of your publications. thanks for write.

וואו, פוסט נהדר שוב, אני לומד את השפה הזאת, אתה המורה הטוב ביותר, אני אוהב אותך ואוהב אותך תמיד, חלק 1 - חלק

Great lesson and important language.this is valuable post.
Thanks @hebrew

this language is the most valuable & powerfull language..i am eagarly waiting for your valuable hebrew language post..every week i learn new hebrew help me a lot @hebrew

This is an awesome teaching. Explicit and well tailored to make even the first timer understand. May Yahweh continue to enrich your wisdom.i look forward to next week's teaching. I remain you Student@youngajii

love to read it about this.

i always follow you for your work.i am like your activity.

On the day of judgement, the earth will be commanded to bring out everything it has in it.

I couldn't see the video because of some error, don't know whether it's my network or some other problem. Will try and look into it later :)

This style is very helpful @hebrew . Thanks for teaching .

Muy importante conocer el idioma hebreo su morfología, fonología y grafia. En cuanto a los generos y la acción que ejecuta cada cual va a variar según la conjugación del verbo y el tiempo ejecutado. Interesante Post. Dios le bendiga.

Exelente publicación sr hebrew las enseñanzas bíblicas te enriquecen tanto como mental y espiritualmente,!

@Hebrew Thanks for sharing the great language. It helps to make more sense of the bible. Teaching us to read slightly will definitely help us to be more independent readers of the great hebrew language that can provide more information about the bible verses.

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This is very much special skill from you,thanks a lot.

hey @hebrew it's great to share the joy's of love with hebrew language .thank you sir for sharing your expression on dtube.

well said in this blog.

resteemed tis blog

interesting post once again thanks for sharing your knowledge :)

Learn some new from your post. Love to read it.

Thank you for this great lesson

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote.

Great content!
I learned something new today thanks for sharing this :)

good one today is turn of shin it's seems simple and interesting with the teacher like you.Great learning introduction post...thanks for sharing... @hebrew.

Great lesson.

I’m always curious about hebrew language its interesting and unique language which is quite famous I found you I’m really thanks that I’m learning hebrew language from you.keep following you and learning from you.
Thanks for sharing really appreciated..

Wow you are doing some really hard work to teach the people here,i can only imagine how much time it would have taken.thanks SIR.UPVOTE AND RESTEEM.
In the Order of Melchi-Zedek ... King of Righteousness.... Melchi=King and Zedek = Righteousness.jpg

hebrew language is world of the best language. i love hebrew reading. thanks for sharing

Nice language and good post sir, I voted and shared.