The language of ivrit ( עברית ) Genesis 2 #1

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Welcome back to my DTube Hebrew reading & language series.

The full study is now on line covering the Alef-Beyt here in my blog. This is a beginners program to teach letters, vowels, and reading. The vowels are marked in this bible and are designed to help avoid confusion on what a word is and how it is pronounced. The confusion is obvious in the hundreds of interpretations globally. In modern Hebrew, only children need a niqqud or vowel marking for each letter. Old manuscripts also usually have vowels marked.

This week - Genesis 2:1-3

Thes is where the word Shabbat first appears. Again, there need not be a pause in creation before the seventh day. Chapter and verse numbers added in the sixteenth century. I for one, think that chapter one ends where we ended today. Verse 2:4 clearly starts a different theme.

This week, I am reading about how God rested on the seventh day. Day is masculine. Let's take a look at, "He made him holy because on him He rested, located just before (to the right of) the word shabbat. The him refers to a day, specifically the seventh day. I capitalized He where it refers to the one who made it holy and the same one who rested. Many Latin languages have he or she for things, so Spanish speakers have a leg up understanding that, eg; la el las los.


I marked the three variations of the same structure, seventh, he rested, rest which contain "shin" and "beyt". Can you figure out some others?

I also highlighted some of the references to they, he and him as a review from when I taught about how pronouns can be attached at the end of the word relating to either verbs or nouns.


Blessed: to kneel and give a gift

To make Holy: to set apart, or differentiate

On the seventh day, YHVH gave a gift which was a new kind of day. One day of rest and reflection to remember what he had done.

Here are the links

Please click over to DTube and read the above passage with me in Hebrew.

▶️ DTube

If you are just starting, my lessons are all here starting at Alef, adding vowels (the dots and lines) as we go, the sofit formations and numerical values. Just go to my blog and scroll to the bottom or click here

Get your Hebrew Bible now!

Click here to obtain the book we are using. It is a free download - or browser usable.

Thanks for taking the time to watch and read.

Shabbat Shalom

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Very good lesson. Interesting how Shabbat means He Rested. ... and the word Shekinah denotes when the Presence of the Lord “rested” in the sanctuary..... A paragraph in the Zohar starts: "One must prepare a comfortable seat with several cushions and embroidered covers, from all that is found in the house, like one who prepares a canopy for a bride. For the Shabbat is a queen and a bride. This is why the masters of the Mishna used to go out on the eve of Shabbat to receive her on the road, and used to say: 'Come, O bride, come, O bride!' And one must sing and rejoice at the table in her honor ... one must receive the Lady with many lighted candles, many enjoyments, beautiful clothes, and a house embellished with many fine appointments ..." The tradition of the Shekhinah as the Shabbat Bride, the Shabbat Kallah, continues to this day


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Thanks for the information of the Bible. the useful language.]]]]]]]]]]]]]
this post good topic & for the sharing'

Hebrew is a great language.You are a good expert on Hebrew language and you have gained knowledge about the Greatness of Heaven. How you constantly talk about Hebrew is really worth appreciating.

In fact, you are accurately represented every letter and alphabet of the Hebrew language and they are acquiring knowledge with more than 100 interests, I believe that if Hebrew is going on this way, Hebrew will soon be in a better language and in a current language.

That's excellent pronunciation entered best online tutorials. I really like to watch and hear Dtube video. It's perfect. Line contexts best for learning ancient language. Thanks and shabbat shalom @hebrew.

Since I was little I love reading the Bible, I come from a religious family, that's why I love this educational publication, where I can learn from the original language of the Bible. In this opportunity of genesis I see the importance in the separation of masculine and feminine, I will go further in their publications to follow more closely their studies ... Thank you for teaching us ... I gave him resteem so that others also follow this important study


Welcome to my blog. I am adding things bit by bit because nobody can learn it all at one time. When I was learning, there were no videos showing someone reading Hebrew slowly. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

Excelente post y ya preparado de una ves para recibir las lecciones que me encantan mucho,saludos.

מנחה אינפורמטיבי מאוד שימושי לגבי לימוד השפה העברית. אני אוהב את הדרך שאתה שולח לנו את information.You עושים תרומה כזו נפלא בסוף שלך. שמור את זה חבר יקר שלי תודה רבה לך על שיתוף איתנו

Hebrew is a well-known and ancient language which is very well-acquainted with ancient times, and has acquired knowledge of very well about them.

People of ancient times felt very comfortable to speak Hebrew, and most of the population spoke Hebrew only and their first language was Hebrew.

In that case, I am very much interested in learning the Hebrew language. I think that you will again discuss some of the more important topics and very valuable things that will increase the knowledge and knowledge of the Hebrews.


Since European countries and American countries are not as well as the language of the Hebrew language, I think you are an important part that can be very valuable to inform everyone about Hebrew and who fully understands Hebrew.


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Bendecido viernes, llego mi lección favorita, gracias @hebrew

Saludos profesor, siempre a la espera de su clase magistral

Hiii @hebrew / Shabbat Shalom Happy Sunday.
Love to see you again back here after week with new DTube Hebrew reading & language series. Really great going you are to spreading knowledge here with impressive teaching techniques and skills to promote historical language Hebrew. My Support and Appreciations always for you for this noble cause. Take care & Stay Blessed.

All my life I have liked to study the Bible and to understand its passages, what I find interesting to study in the Hebrew language, I join the study. Regarding the lesson, when talking about the Shabat it is of great controversy for many religions, that is why it is very important to have the original writing to clarify its meaning, thanks for your teachings ... Greetings from Venezuela

I love these classes, because you explain it very well, every time I learn more thanks for your teachings

I love these publications and I was waiting for this post to continue learning and in this way to better interpret the word thanks for the post, the teaching and the time you take to teach this language

Really love your explanation sir,Thank you so much for the classes @hebrew.

The ancient language of ivrit ( עברית ) - Shin in great topic. Shabbat Shalom. A very good lesson on the letter Samech.continue your great work's helping a lot of people to learn. it's seems simple and interesting with the teacher like you.i waited for your Dsound or Dtube post.

stay blessed@hebrew
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Another great lesson in this great weekend! Thank you for deciding to share this article early in this week!

Shabbat Shalom~

@hebrew, That would be another greatest video and context lesson of Ivrit language. Video pronunciation very clever to understand. Perfect introduction about Genesis 2:1-3 this time. I appreciate your valuable task here. Thanks for sharing.

Shabbat Shalom

I do not think that I will have the opportunity to visit your holy land, but I like to read your lessons. Very interesting, thank you for your work.

Those dtube video covering nicely these lesson. Your lessons much stronger and can easily understand better. I appreciate your try for develop ancient language to steemians. Nice you decided to shared @hebrew.
Shabbat Shalom.

This is perfect I thought that there was only one online class but I see that it is for a long time it helps me a lot for my language studies, this language is something difficult but the way you do it, it looks a bit easy in the videos can better appreciate the pronunciation
Greetings @hebrew

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Well @hebrew I am a Teacher by profession and your way of conveying the thoughts is so impressive and very composed. Like i learnt two words "ae lo heem (God) and "Kha sha ma yeem (Heavens)"
i am following you for your last two posts and i got a basic know how about this Ancient Hebrew Language, credit goes to you My friend :)
You are doing such a wonderful contribution at your end, i am so much impressed by your grip on the hebrew language, Massive respect <3
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Thanks a lot @hebrew sharing such a wonderful and very useful informative guideline regarding learning of Hebrew. I know this is one of the historical language as well a very important and difficult. But your dtube video gave me some basic idea.
By the way waiting anxiously for your next post with that surprise guest reader.
keep sharing excellent stuff and Stay Blessed!


That was explained a fe lessons ago. He created him (oto) male and female he created them (otahm).


Thanks for asking about that. There is a wonderful teaching about man, woman and fire. I will try to present it one day.

Your blog is helping me learn Hebrew in my preparation for visit to the Holy Land!!


I don't really cover conversation but there are videos out there.

Thank you very much @hebrew I will never be grateful for your online classes. It's perfect. You're the best. I love the way you send us the information.
Greetings 😍


Believe it or not I had been watching “The Bible” while your post showed in my notification app at exactly the same time when Noah was telling the seven days story. I just wanted to share it with you. I also was looking at this pic.
“הוא נח” what an amazing word !
“ביום השביעי הוא נח” what an amazing sentence with even greater history!

This is the Hebrew of Genesis the very beginning of the Bible. It is pronounced be-re-SHIYT ba-RA eh-lo-HIYM and is usually translated "In the beginning God created. The first word (reading right-to-left) is be-re-SHIYT. It is from the Hebrew root resh-aleph-shin, meaning "head, start, beginning," with the preposition bet on the front, meaning "in, on, at." So this word could be translated "in beginning" or "at start" or "at the head." The Hebrew name for the Jewish holiday Rosh HaShanah is from this same root, and means "head of the year" or "beginning of the year" -- Ha is the definite article "the" and Shanah is "year." The second word is ba-RA, meaning create, shape or fashion. It is from the Hebrew word bet-resh-aleph.
So a word-for-word translation might be "in-beginning created God

I always wait eagerly when will you come with hebrew language.Dedicated teaching makes learning cooperative to create a desire to continue studying, it is remarkable.

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I hope you will present some of the most valuable blog posts related to Hebrew in future, making my research more advanced and dynamic.

Hello sir, thank you for sharing your knowledge of the Hebrew script. I have some friends who are also interested in learning with their videos. For that reason I am going to share them and I know that they will be very grateful.

You are sent greetings from Venezuela and once again thank you for your teachings.

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Hebrew is such a great language!!!Thanks for sharing.
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בחרתי את השפה הזאת כאחת השפה האהובה עלי, עיטטת אותה יפה, אלוהים יברך אותך אדוני

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Hebrew is a oldest and beautiful langauage and when its comes from an expert like you its very interesting to learn and easy to understand...The sound rule of Hebrew is quite different but once we learn we can pronounce others language words more fluently due to practice of Hebrew Prounciation...Its not easy to learn but not even hard if I have some one like you to teach...It was very helpful for learning and am still trying to learn it....Keep on posting and teaching us @hebrew


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This is insightful. Your work is one of the few I look forward to reading. Stay blessed.

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Each lesson about your language is well valued here in Steemit, it is a somewhat complicated language, but I know that with practice and more practice we can learn many words and perhaps understand much more about sentences.