Is Heated up Honey Toxic to Humans?

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Honey made from real honey bees has some great healing and health benefits to humans but, is it dangerous to heat honey up of drop some into boiling water for your tea? The fact is honey is not smart to heat up and tonight we talk about why.

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I have been using honey as an alternative to refined sugar for years. Stevia is another good sweetener, but to me not good in coffee. I am a fan of honey.

There are dozens of recipes in which honey is cooked over direct heat, and none of them are toxic. There are Greek finikia, soaked in an aromatic, spiced honey syrup, halvah made with honey cooked to the soft crack stage, and taiglach, little balls of baked dough soaked in a boiled honey syrup and formed into cakes. There are probably hundreds of other recipes that use cooked honey, all without developing any toxins.

Yo whats up you crazy @broncnutz!
I had no idea about the heating up of honey! What the heck! People put honey in tea all the time.

Thanks for sharing some interesting info!

Honey is very good for health but it's not use in direct boiled water .

Been trying to post a comment on Dtube its been spinning forever:

I am so guilty of honey lemon and tea. If this is true there is some serious adjustment to make here especially during the hay fever/ flu seasons. Thanks, I will do some reading on this.

first of all i love a biochemistry student i know digestion system of some food, like some advantage and disadvantage on body function.on honey aspect it is really good for slower aging,wound healing.its also a good antioxident and antibacterial for body.but on heat its molecular structure got change and kill the essential enzyme on body and on cooking it gets toxic.there is a term that called amp state, when honey heated with 60/65 degree cc and causes inflammation and toxicity.but on precious condition it is helpful for health.btw good review man, you also got some good info

Holy %#&@! For years I've used raw honey and Australian manuka in tea and coffee instead of sugar.. I need to check this out and pass it along. Thanks @broncnutz.

Honey, i luv honey, yesh don't heat up just eat them and try on your face for moisturizing and smoothing skin :-)

I use real raw honey mixed with cinnamon to improve my health. Never heated it though. Thanks for the tips! ("fake super bowl") lol

Honey has cure for almost every disease. It is very good for throat infections and coughs. Flu can be cured by drinking honey mixed water.
A nice video and the post too!

Wow Friend This is so cool and happy anniversary on steemit i am sorry because of the late wishes.

Honey is being considered as the best medicine in the world.It cures us from almost all the diseases except death,and the interesting thing is that it can last for centuries,it has no expiry date

I do not like to drink honey. but, I prefer to use it as a face mask. that's very good

Great to check this video out really a nice thing you shared with us all

I like how honey tastes so different based on the region. My wifes dad is a bee keeper so I brought him back honey from Israel. He loved it.

Wow... I did not know this. I've been putting honey in hot tea since I was a kid. Fake honey is fugasy!!! Thanks for the heads up. I will try to be more careful with it!

wow , I always put honey in my piping hot tea. But i don't like using normal sugar .. gonna need to find a replacement.

One you heat up honey, then its value is gone and I think it is not desirable to consume anymore, however one may put some honey in lukewarm water and consume it.

Probably the honey coming out of chinese illegally is a more serious health concern. Bee Keepers work hard and deserve the sales. BUY LOCAL BUY ORGANIC.

Sir,original honey is very healthy for us.This photo taken by me when i go to sweet market


Honey is a very benefical ingredient but its not wise to heat it up

Honey is great food , its instant energy giving food . Honey and ginger tea is a great energy drink .

Honey is useful for health

Honey is useful for eating.

Honey is good for us.
but not if we consume it too much at once

Great tip sir thanks a lot for sharing as i need to stop this habbit of heating water and honey.

yeah honey is beneficial for human's. but if we heat it or if you eat

unauthorized honey from unverified source, we can put our self in danger, thanks for wonderful information sir.

honey is unique nutritious food for us..
it is pure..
but is it toxic in heating?
I like such informative post dear

interesting, I guess microwaving some to have it liquid is also bad

there has many things to learn from you.
We want's more such informative post from you.
wishing your bright future.
god bless you..

i hope it 'll be so testy & natural.

sharing some good information.
I like it dear..
honey is really healthful for us.

its a very helpful post, thank you..

Great video sir you have come up with something special today.

Superb remedy from your side sir thanks a lot for sharing.

honey is very healty and nutrition food. i love honey. thanks for @broncnutz

This Video is amazing sir thanks a lot for sharing have a great day.

I didn't know this information that, heat makes toxicity of honey.
Really a great information
like it dear

Your making this community so healthy sir,thank you so much for the video.

Following you sir you are a genius and i dont want to miss your videos.

Great video sir its a great inspiration for us.

Wonderful information about the honey. yes, there is Some local made
unpure honey is available in the stores and we should be careful while buying honey. Here in Pakistan, we usually buy honey from the person who collects the honey From tree where actual honey is being made.

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Heating up honey shouldn't be harmful I think.

You're right, friend, it's good for all humans, I love your post, un abrazo!

Do a video of you in a bath of warm honey!

People even prefer honey 🍯 than sugar cos it has so many benefits to the body, but I've never heated it for once and didn't even know heating it is not fair, I only use it to cure my face acne treatment by applying it on my face before bed all night

@broncnutz I never knew that heating up honey could possibly be bad for you. I used to drop some in tea all the time. I also wasn't aware that honey sold in the supermarket was mostly fake. Thank you for that. I will buy organic honey in the future. Great post man!

For years I've used raw honey and Australian manuka in tea and coffee instead of sugar.. I need to check this out and pass it along.


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honey is so delicious food.
it is one of my favourite food.
thanks for sharing such a nice information..

Honey from honey bees have a great effects on human health. We must take honey on daily basis. Take a look on 9 honey benifits on our health.

I did not know that,i always add it to my coffee

Honey has some great benefits but there is a lot of corruption about companies diluting it down to take away the benefits and lying about it being organic etc. There is such a demand that they are deceiving the buyer to make more and save on costs.


Lovely Post . Thanks for this video . Resteemed it . Thanks :-)

Honey Really Healthy for our body, However its really needed original honey for good health.

didnt know that. love honey taste. Manuka Honey costs alot !