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How does this disease spread?

The virus spreads through blood or dehani fluid. These diseases are more likely to spread in areas where there is more than usually a child's birth or the blood of other infected persons in childhood. But the my veins of these diseases is the main reason for the use of drugs and vulnerable intercourse. In addition, blood exchanges, dyalicies, living with infected persons, the rate of infection traveling in such places, etc., also spreads the disease. A large number of people were infected with the acupancherer and the infection, although there is currently a reduction in infections. This disease is not spread through the hands, the taijspatra of the food, the sharing of the dishes, the hug, the sneeze, the coughing, or the matridugdhapatrig. Children from affected mothers can also be afflicted with this disease. The risk of child infection is 90%. The risk of being infected with a mother from infected children is 20%. Dentist Chembare Dental treatment can also be used on the same equipment bivinnajner. The disease can be diagnosed from 30 to 60 days after the infection. This disease is usually diagnosed in the blood and against Antebody.

Treatment of hepatitis B

The acute with of hepatitis B is mainly used in the treatment of ' Inter feron ' medicine in certain patients. However, the medicine is very expensive and the success rate is only 10-20 percent. It is best to get rid of this disease. If the baby is not given the vaccination at the time of birth, vaccines will have to be offered as soon as possible. These vaccines can be given at any age, at any date and at any time. The only Ticai can protect the child from hepatitis B infection.

Hepatitis B vaccine Schedule-

For children and teens

Children are generally abber to hepatitis B vaccines:
1st Time-born after Birth |
2nd time-1 to 2 months old time.
3rd time-6 to 18 months of age.

Adult Cases-

First dimension-any day.

The second dimension is a month after the first dimension.

The third dimension is six months after the first dimension.

Another dimension is given five years after the first dose to prolong the effectiveness of the vaccine, which is called the level of booster.

Anyone at any age could be infected with hepatitis B if he does not have vaccines. Vaccination is the best way to prevent this disease. You can find vaccines yourself and are cleared with the vaccination of family members.

Thankfully, there is a change in the poliovirus Mediciner for the management of hepatitis B virus. The success rate is increasing in the use of entecavir and tenophovir and there are many gabeshnaw of these two medicine.

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