12 habits that will heal in one month

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To reduce the weight of ten kilos in one month, skin lipsticks in a week, long hair in 15 days-all of them have heard about it. But do you care about being healthy and telling people? Currently, researchers know a lot about health.

Scientific way can be changed to life in a month, so that you will be much more healthy than before. No, the sick man will not be healed. But you will feel much better about yourself.

  1. The easiest job-
    The easiest thing to do to feel healthy is to exercise. Your body will be much more bhameo in just a minute. You can understand the change between two to four weeks when you exercise regularly. What kind of exercise is not major. If you do so regularly, heart, muscle and brain will be healed.

  2. Exclude salted, processed food-
    The body makes sick extra salt. We eat a lot of processed fast food in lately, which has plenty of salt. The body was damaged if they had been eating long enough. In Labane, the sodium can reduce the loss of banana and avocado. Besides Parlei you will benefit from processed food.

  3. Eat Fiber-
    Fibrous food gives you plenty of energy over time. Sugar or other glucose does not give it. Echhata to keep your stomach full longer and the disease resistance power strongly rakhteo fiber work. For this you can eat the hole graene, fruit, nuts and vegetables.

  1. Unencumbered sleep for seven-eight hours.
    Easily accidents occur when sleep is less, people get sick and there is extra pressure on hritpinder. Apart from this, the outsourcing brings of cancer increases. In several days the weight of a continuous low sleeping regularly may increase. It requires at least eight hours of sleep to avoid these problems.
  1. Drinking water and coffee-
    Adults 60 percent water to a man's body. Because of this, it is necessary to get enough water regularly. Drinking enough water makes it easy to reduce weight. You can also drink kafio alongside it. Coffee reduces the risk of heart disease, type to diabetes and some cancers.

  2. Skincare-
    Three works of skin care urgently. Maischerising, protecting and exphlieting. First, use regular sunscreen to give the skin protection. As well as using exphlieting or Scrubb to clean the skin. After using Scrubb, you must use a good quality maisturizer. You can also use antioxidant serums as well. However, no matter what he does, Maskhanek can stick to his benefit.

  3. Not just the body, keep mind good-
    In the space of openness, by exercise twice every week, mood is seen as a visible improvement in mind. In this, people become more optimistic than ever, less stress and atmabiswasi about yourself.

  4. can meditate-
    There is still research on meditation or meditation. However, it certainly reduces stress, regulates blood pressure and reduces stress. So you can meditate to keep the body and mind healthy.

  5. Sleep a little bit-
    Taking a little sleep in the afternoon, Azerbaijanis work increases in efficiency. This lull may be 20 minutes long, not more than that.

  6. Stay loyal with yourself-
    Many people think, always, to be happy. They keep pressing their own anger, sadness, and sorrow. Do not want to acknowledge it. But ruin is more than that. If you are trustworthy about your feelings, it will come to your upokarei.

  7. Imagine your own health-
    Think you want to see yourself fit more? Want to see more happy? What do you need to do for him? It will be easy for you to imagine it in real life.

  8. Keep the relationship good-
    If you try to improve your physical and mental health, no way will be useful when relations with family and friends are bad. People need Priyojon to live in Susthvabe. Moreover, if the relationship is good, it may make you happier than wealth.

You can build this avasgulo to make yourself happy. However, Rakhata is important for these practices. Many said they had to practice 21 days to build the practice. That's not fair. It could take up to two weeks for a few months to start. So be patient and keep trying for your own recovery.


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