The steemit Weekly Health Challenge: Walking through the enchanted lagoon

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Greetings to @healthsquared and @sweetsssj as well as my friends from steemit and all the followers of this great weekly health challenge.


Thanks to @healthsquared and @sweetsssj for allowing us each week to develop different activities to improve our health condition, and at the same time I want to take the opportunity to invite everyone who has not yet participated to join this great challenge.


This week as well as other previous ones I decided to include my family again in this challenge since everyone's health is great because we could share for much longer of these activities, so we decided to visit a park that is around a lagoon called Urao in the population of Lagunillas Mérida Venezuela.


The urao lagoon is only 45 minutes from the city of Mérida Venezuela. To get there you can do it by bus or by taxi, which pass approximately every 10 minutes.


Already on the site there are various ways you can do physical activity to improve your health, one of which I practice more is to walk in this park you can go around this lagoon which would represent a 3.5 km route and I next to my family does it 2 times.


Another way, is to rent a boat of water or a bicycle but in view of my daughter and my wife are afraid I decided at that time not to do it.

This is a wonderful place full of beauty, nature and history that I can do physical activity to improve my family share which also greatly favors mental health.


This lagoon and place is full of myths or legend receives by name urao, according to its inhabitants it has charms and swallows people every year if they do not obey or disrespect it, it is visited by hundreds of people for its landscaping and for having sites of food and children's attractions.


The surroundings are very nice, the people are friendly, which makes you forget problems and reduce stress immensely.


Having health is not only exercising strongly in a gym is also to distract and share with your loved ones which fills you with a tranquility and unites you in that family bond and that thanks to this challenge I have learned.


That's why I've become a fan of my health care, and my family's applies a lot of mental health and walking a lot.


Thanks to this challenge I have climbed mountains, visited parks, walked through the city, the most important thing I learned was to invest time in my family and my health because as an intensive care nurse I practically lived was working.


Now, as a healthy person, I have learned to cook and make really healthy desserts. I have no words to describe what this challenge has meant for me and my family.


So I invite you to join, do not waste your time anymore, you will not regret it, because as it has changed, my life will change yours.


with my wife and daughter visiting in this beautiful place and already in the final sunset we decided to take some photos that we wanted to share with you in this challenge.


For more information here I leave this banner. for you to report.




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