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Vitamin 'A' is a organic immune system. Vitamin 'A' a substance. The primary fat content of a light yellow color is Vitamin 'A'. Vitamin A, the chemical name is 'Retinal'. Vitamin A produces retinoic acid. Vitamin A is a very important component of food.


Sources of Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is basically made from carotene. There are two sources of Vitamin A.

1. Vegetable Source
2. Animal Source

Vegetable sources are yellow and green vegetables, as the fruits are more deeper, the amount of vitamin A is generally higher in the amount. Also there are vitamins A 'in carrots, pumpkins, ripe papaya, ghee, butter and other vegetables, fruits etc. Animal sources are mainly carnivores (sharks, cods, calves, calcium, etc.). Fish oil or oiled fish. Vitamin 'A' is available from meat, eggs, etc.

Amount of Vitamin A:

Vitamin 'A' in the body is needed according to the need. An adult woman should have 700 micrograms in vitamin A during the day. Adult males need to have at least 900 microgram vitamin 'A' at daytime. Women should have a maximum of 3000 micrograms per day and 3,000 micrograms of vitamins A in men.

Vitamin A works:

Vitamin A 'increases the immunity of the body. Vitamin A is very necessary for eyes. Vitamin A is the role of body development. Vitamin 'A' is essential for external lining cells, skin, tooth, and bone formation. Vitamin 'A' protects the body from various infectious diseases. There is no shortage of normal use of iron available in the body if vitamin A is present in body. As a result, there is no shortage of blood. The body keeps healthy. Vitamin 'A' is helpful to prevent aging. Skin dryness or agings prevents caused by Vitamin A. It keeps skin fresh. Vitamin 'A' protects against tumor and cancer. Keeps the liver better.


Vitamin A for child:

Vitamin A has an important role in baby nutrition. There are still 600,000 children in the world who suffer from malnutrition due to Vitamin A deficiency. Between 9 months to 4 years, children attracted with many diseases due to lack of Vitamin A. Carotemalasea disease occurs due to vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin 'A' causes Mesale's and diarrheal diseases when the child does not have the right level. Vitamin A keeps the baby healthy and strong. They don't get easily attacked by disease. Increases the immunity of the body. Eyes keeps healthy. Mothers should feed the baby her yellow milk, vegetables and fruits. If vitamin A is less then the baby can be fed by palm oil.


Vitamin A deficiency disease:

If the vitamin A doesn't have sufficient in the body, blindness in the night can bu occur. Due to lack of vitamin A, this disease is usually happens. During night blindness, the patient can walks in the light of daylight. But in the night it is difficult to see. Many people do not see at all in the night for the disease. Many people also see incorrect.
If vitamin A gets low in the body, there is a shortage of natural iron in the body. As a result, blood loss occurs. Which is likely to be anemia. Due to lack of vitamin A, the skin becomes dry. Old age problems can be created. Research has shown that in the absence of Vitamin A, tumor or skin cancer attacked in 21% of human body. Basically AIDS and breast cancer also. The food we usually eat, the demand for vitamin A should be appropriate. The deficiency of remaining Vitamin 'A' foods full filled. Vitamin 'A' should not be taken as excessive amount. Additional vitamins A 'have a bad effect on the growth of the body. The muscles become relaxed. The production of red blood cells gets interrupted. Liver problems arise. The skin becomes dull.
Vitamin A is needed in human body. But according to the body's required level. Vitamin 'A' should be provided according to the body's need.

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Interesante post, es necesario el consumo de vegetales ricos en vitamina A, para fortalecer el sistema inmunológico del cuerpo. Upvote!! y te sigo @zaku

Interesting post, it is necessary to consume vegetables rich in vitamin A, to strengthen the body's immune system. Upvote!! and I follow you.

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hey zaku Dada, I think you are covering all the vitamin category, the vitamin A that is good for healthy vision, skin, bones and other tissues in the body. Vitamin A often works as an antioxidant, fighting cell damage.

What kind off food have vitamin A?