LEMONS clean everything 🍋

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Lemon is a one kind of fruit! Scientific name is Citrus. Lemon is a Fruit of creampie class. The lemon is called by skeleton also. Because lemon seeds carry the breeding tissue. Lemon teste is sour. It contains citric acid which causes its taste. Lebus juice is basically used. Besides lemon shells and peas being used too. Without shell lemon contain Vitamin C 53ml, vitamin B6, 0.08 milligrams, energy 29 calories, protein 1.1 grams, calcium 26 milligrams, potassium 138 milligrams, iron 0.6 milligrams, zinc 0.06 milligrams, phosphorus contains 100 grams of lemons per 100 grams of lemon. 16 milligrams, manganese 0.03 milligrams, magnesium 8 milligramsThiamin 0.04 mg, fat 0.3 g.


Lemon cultivation:

Lemon is well cultivated in depleted medium acidic soil. Lemons are planted in the Bangla 1'st season Baishak to Ashwin, and plant from 2.5 meters away in the soil. After planting, it is better to water the first 2-3 months and to clean the weeds. If the tree gets a bit bigger, the rust-peat water should given at the tree at a depth of 20 days. From one to half years the fruit lemon comes. It is better to sprinkle fungal spray several times in the seven days before rainy season. Also, any good pesticide can used three to four times per year so that insects will not grown in the tree. Our country's weather is good for lemon cultivation.


Lemon species:

There are many species of lemon. Notable in Latin, Kagleboo, Elaclibelu, Sideleslabu, Sutatibelu, Batabilbo, Kamalelbo, and Maltelbo are notable. But the oranges are grown in mountainous areas and the rest grow in the plains.

Effectiveness of the lemon:

In the morning, hot lemon juice removes toxin from the body and keeps the body fresh. The body's pH level keeps balance. 100 grams of lemon contains about 53 milligrams of Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid. Vitamin C increases the efficiency of the immune system. If any part of the body is cut or wound, it can also help in the recovery of collagen cells and help to heal wounds. Lemon citric acid can reduce pathogens by reducing calcium emissions. After a long hard work, lemon helps get balance in the body. It helps in digestion and helps to increase bile production. Packetin fiber in lemon protects the ovaries. Also works as a strong antibacterial. Lemon juice is a good source of citric acid, potassium, calcium, forphras and manganese. Lemons prevent pathassicular bacterial growth and effectiveness. The cause of bacterial infections and atypical diseases. Which can cure Lemon. Lemon helps to reduce pain and burns in the body. Lemon juice is very beneficial in cold.


The lemon also used for skin care. Stains on a clothe, the lemon juice gets remove it faster. Lemon juice is useful in the age-related facial spots. The use of lemon juice also causes acne to be healed. Lemon reduces body weight. The lemon contains substances that burn excess fat in the body. This information has been proved in a recent study.

Photos are taken from pixabay.com

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One of the main benefits of consuming lemon is achieving a healthy immune system. For this , we should be grateful to nature as this solution is almost free compared to other immune boosting agents.

these are a staple in my kitchen, as they balance out the pH levels of the body.

@zaku thanks for sharing this awesome information
I am from India i drink daily lemon juice it's best for health🍋🍋

Diluted concentrate of 100% pure essential oil will show the best result.

If you suffer from heartburn - Lemon and warm water will help :) very underestimated fruit!

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Lemon is great for thurst, I enjoy this on daily basis after my game.

a wonderful fruit that supports the immune system

I love drinking lemon juice! By accident, I switched to lime juice and I really like that as well. I squeeze a whole lime or lemon in a big glass of water and I drink it with a reusable straw!

High in citrus extract, lemon juice is a standout amongst other normal cleaners because of its low pH and antibacterial properties. Lemons additionally smell extraordinary and aren't probably going to make harm materials around what you are cleaning, for example, texture or wood.

can be consumed regularly with so many benefits but didn't know about the burning fat recent study... can you link to it? thanks