Breakfast ideas!!

in health •  7 months ago

I will be sharing what I consider a perfect and nutritional breakfast! 

  • I love to start of with some plain yogurt with muesli and some chopped up fruit. It doesn't have to be a specific fruit. Whichever fruit you have will do!! I personally love to include chopped bananas, strawberries, and kiwi fruit. If I have other fruit, I will use that. I also like to mix chia seeds into the yogurt due to the health benefits that it contains. 
  • Then, I like to have an egg. Eggs are very good for you! They are full of nutrients. I normally have 2 eggs without any bread. I just sprinkle some salt and pepper on top and enjoy.
  • The tea that I have is rooibos tea. It contains no caffeine and also has lots of benefits for your health. It is a delicious tea, I manage to have it without sugar or sweeteners. 

This is my view on a perfect, delicious, nutritious breakfast! I do not have this breakfast everyday. However, I enjoy the days that I do. I also have many other ideas on healthy and tasty breakfasts. I will share some more ideas in my future posts! :) 

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great selection. i have at least 2 eggs daily

I'm mainly fast for breakfast, but I love having breakfast items for lunch or dinner. Eggs are awesome, need to experiment with a pancake recipe that's healthy and yummy too.

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woow youre good .

Do you think decaf tea is a marketing ploy or is it really true?

great! what other teas would you recommend? and if they boost the metabolism even better

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