Health War: Men in their 30s hit by impotence epidemic as half suffer from erectile dysfunction

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Half of men in their 30s struggle to get an erection, studies have shown.

Surprise polling reveals this age group is most likely to struggle keeping it up, with 49% blaming stress and 24% blaming boozing too much.

Almost a third have broken up with their partner as a result.

Nearly half (43%) of men aged 18-60 across the UK are suffering impotence, with four in ten men blaming stress, followed by tiredness (36%), anxiety (29%) and boozing too heavily (26%).


So you're a millennial with an Erectile dysfunction problem. You probably thinking it's all part of getting older, you probably are seeing a few gray hairs on your head too. That insatiable libido of a rabbit you had back when you were 18 just isn't what it use to be now that you're in your 30s.

You're probably nodding your head in agreement to what I just said but let me tell you that's complete bullshit.

Let me tell you a personal story about myself back when I was in my late 20's. Around the age of 27 I notice some changes in the bedroom everything was working down there like it was suppose to but the libido wasn't like it was when I was 18. I thought it was just me getting older and there was nothing I could do. I also had some other health problems like snoring, back pain, heart burn, etc that worried me more than the lower libido. I lived with those problems for a few years until I finally decided to be proactive by supplementing my diet with high quality vitamins and minerals. After a few months of taking these supplements my health really started to improve. I'd say it was about 90% improvement in my health in this short time. I still take these supplements and my snoring, back pain, heart burn are almost non existent. The libido problem also disappeared I felt like I was 18 again and I still feel that way years after I first started taking supplements.

So guys in their 30s with ED are probably suffering from other health problems as well and the ED is symptom of poor diet and nutrition rather than unique health problem. In fact there's lots of health problems related to ED like heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis. All of these diseases can be reversed with proper diet and nutrition.

Erectile Dysfunction as Warning Sign

In treating men with erectile dysfunction, doctors worry most about heart disease. "Any form of cardiovascular disease is more likely to occur in men who have erectile dysfunction," says Ira Sharlip, MD, a urologist in San Francisco and past president of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America.

In addition to healthy blood circulation, the male sex hormone testosterone is important for erections and for sex drive. Men with erectile dysfunction may have low testosterone levels.

Erectile dysfunction may be a sign of undiagnosed or poorly managed diabetes. People with diabetes who don't keep their blood sugar levels under control can develop nerve damage (neuropathy). Often it's the nerves of the extremities, such as the hands and feet, that are damaged. But the genitals can be affected, too.

Multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries are diseases of the nervous system that can cause impotence, although impotence is not one of the main symptoms of either disease.

Sometimes men who abuse alcohol and drugs that depress the central nervous system may find themselves unable to achieve erections, too.

Here's one supplement I take on a daily basis that is well know to improve blood flow in the body. If you want a natural solution to fixing your ED and other health problems without the side effects that come with these pharmaceuticals than I suggest you pick up a bottle of turmeric and watch the amazing things your body can do when it has the proper building blocks.

Bottom line is, 30 year olds shouldn't be having these problem because you're still in your prime and have a lot of life left to live. The good news is that these health problems that show up early on in your life can be reversed. The problem is there's a lot of bad information, food and life styles out there that contribute to young men and women suffering from more health problems instead of less.

I hope my personal story and this information can help out other 30 year olds suffering from "old age symptoms".

Help Avoid ED Naturally With Turmeric

Turmeric and its compounds have lots of properties that studies show help improve blood flow — which doctors suggest can help prevent erectile dysfunction.

In an animal study, turmeric's curcumin compounds worked better and longer than doses of Viagra®. Both pure curcumin and a water-soluble version of the turmeric compound significantly improved sensitivity and erectile function. It worked by stimulating enzymes and natural antioxidant activity that directly affect penile tissue (as did the Viagra®).

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Thanks for sharing. Great points and natural solutions!

Good advice. Most people don't understand the importance of maintaining good health, which requires a healthy diet, exercise and rest. People who eat fast food, don't exercise and watch TV all day do more harm to themselves than they realize.

How many different supplements do you take and do you know which one stopped the snoring and back pain?
I’m not sure I’d want my husband to feel like he’s 18 again...😂


Here some info on vitamins and minerals you need for a better night sleep. I would add calcium to the list also. Basically Vitamin D, Magnesium and Calcium work together to reduce snoring/sleep apnea. snoring is caused by muscles in the throat that are to relaxed and not maintaining their muscle memory. Calcium is important for muscles to work properly but you need vitamin d, magnesium and other minerals to properly absorb the Calcium. Look into good plant derived supplements that have all these nutrients in them or find a way to absorb calcium better in your diet and also look into ways to reduce calcium loss from the body(soda is really bad for this).

For the back pain, look into Glucosamine for rebuilding cartilage in your joints. I'm sure there's some other nutrients that help to because they all seem to complement each other.

Very good of you to address this topic and offer solutions. Thanks for sharing.

so eating at McDonads should come with a warning may cause IMPOTENCE - would it work any better than those warning on the cigarettes- that smoking can cause cancer?


A lot of manufactured foods some could with warning labels.