Recent Scientific Research From Numerous Sources Connects Aluminium in Vaccines To The Rise In Autism & Describes the Mechanics of the Causation of Autism.

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I saw a long and detailed blog post today on the topic of scientific research from the last few years on the likely cause of Autism. I haven't had time to go through the studies that are quoted in it and do due dilligence on the claims, however, so far it looks to be a very important collection of information.

The very short version is that the author of the post has a son who is autistic and has been searching for answers for years. He is clearly an intelligent man, though not medically trained and he makes this clear in the blog post. He shares how numerous studies from apparently top researchers in their fields have concluded that there is either total certainty or high likelihood that the presence of aluminium in vaccines (used as an adjuvant to trigger the recipient's immune system into overdrive) are partially responsible for the high levels of autism we are seeing.

The studies describe a mechanism by which nano-particles of aluminium are carried into the brain via the immune system and from there they cause havoc. I was aware of studies that had shown unexpected concentrations of aluminium in specific brain areas of autistic people during their autopsies, but this is the first time I have seen such a wealth of studies and data put together in this way.

I highly recommend anyone who is interested in this topic to take the time to read through his post.

If found the testimony of British researcher Dr. Exley to be particularly interesting:

This touches on so many key topics relating to health, both of people I know and of myself too - that I will be putting a lot more time into this in the near future.

Wishing you well,

Ura Soul

This post was originally published at Earth Heart Community.

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Interesting. I came across a post yesterday I believe that mentioned aluminum in chem trails (one of three areas he mentioned in them). He has a PHD in inorganic chemistry so I will be reading/watching more of what he has to say on the matter. In case you are interested the post I saw was this one.

The one part that left me unable to feel his assertions were credible enough to use in conversations on chem trails was his not mentioning what method they were able to collect samples of the trails to analyze the content. I am ignorant on many things of this nature so proceed with caution before fully citing something as a fact. If you know of this man and have covered him, let me know. I would be curious what your thoughts on him and his claims are.

I think the one thing that is certain is aluminum is bad news for us. Thanks for covering this.


Thanks, I have never heard of him - I'll take a look. I know that Russel Blaylock who is a neuroscientist has covered this issue. I made a post on Chemtrails a long time ago that had my highest every Steem payout I think:


Intriguing to think about. I hope I see more about chemtrails now that they admit they use them and stop calling us crazy for talking about them.

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Thanks for the post. One thing that a lot of people don’t understand about the heavy metals and other toxins in vaccines is that our body’s natural methods for filtering and removing these components, the digestive tract, lymphatic system and the liver, are completely bypassed when it’s injected into the skin. We are designed to have our strongest defenses in our intestines for a reason!
I will check out the post you mention, I enjoy reading other people’s research on this topic.

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Yes, you are right - this totally obvious fact is often completely denied. There is no way to understand this topic without addressing all the fine points!


You might find the info in the vaccine katalist at ureka helpful:


Thanks, checking it out now!

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