How to reduce weight? To reduce the weight in the Middle age follow these indictments

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Weight increases with age as well as weight gain, that weight control becomes difficult. As easy as reducing weight twenties age 20, the twenties of 40 is much harder. After 40 years of age, the speed of metabliesmer is slow, resulting in a decrease in the amount of calories taken. On the other hand, the menopause of women appears to have insulin registence in the body, so the trend of eating sweet food may increase.

These are all reasons to be seen employing age 40 perole ambition, especially women with increased weight. That weight no longer wants dwindling. But in some ways you can reduce weight by 40 twenties Pounchaleo. Obey these six rules-1) Remember the best rules for weight loss-that is to follow some of the basic rules to reduce weight at any age. These are the rules-* reduce eating. At this age, the amount of daily calories can be reduced from two thousand calories to a thousand kalorite.

  • Reduce the weight of one to half kg in a week. Some diet also promised to weigh jharanor more quickly. Don't use them. Rather than a healthy khadyavyas and exercise, keep the goal of reducing the weight of a kilo to half kg a week.

  • Do not miss eating. Keep eating regularly. Eat in the morning breakfast, lunch and dinner-triple the rules. Many also exclude morning or night foods to reduce weight. By doing so Zombe more fats in the body. Eating nonsense from an excessive appetite may come prabantao.

  1. Bring changes to the khadyavyase in the age when not tasty but choose a healthy meal. Reduce the amount of glucose. Increase the amount of protein eaten. It can prevent the erosion of muscles due to age. Not only that Metablizmo dynamic. Keep the food's whit right — fruits and vegetables: you should put fruits and vegetables in half the part of your plate. In these dishes there is plenty of food and water, so less caloritei will fill your stomach.

Charbimukta protein: The palate of equal charbimukta in your hand can have meat per Bella's diet. It may be yogurt, eggs, chicken meat and fish.

Complex carbohydrates: Such glucose may include hole graene, shim, fruit and potatoes like food. The amount is equal to the muthor of your hand.

Healthy fats: There are more oils and fats to be eaten unless they are warned Keep in mind that at the time of eating, there is not much oil-fat to eat in 7-10 grams. The food can stay at half a table spoon olive oil, one of the four parts of the avocados, or two table spoons of peanuts.

  1. The middle age insulin registence appears to be an appetite to reduce inspections. That is why not just tinbella feed enough. In addition to eating Tinbella, you can breakfast with a little food at one or twice. There is no need for repeated hunger. Other than this, fibrous food such as fruits and vegetables.
  1. Eat the favorite food, but you can eat fast food, junc food in a little while, as much as possible. It doesn't have to worry about their weight gain. Go to middle age but you can't. Even if you have a meal, you have to keep your Aslan. If you want to eat a meal too much, like French fries, you can even eat it in a very small amount. And they will not be eating very dense dialect barrier. You can eat these snacks twice a week.
  1. Develop the practice of exercise-

Just to reduce the weight by eating and middle age. Muscle decay begins at times. You should exercise at least 30 minutes daily. Alongside this, at least 10 thousand Kadam Hantao useful in the day. Registence training will be useful in keeping your weight under control for 4 days a week.

  1. Learn yourself-
    age 40 has passed because the hard dieting has to start, not the same. However, if you know that you can no longer stop if you start eating sweets, it is useful for you to exclude this food dewai. Eating at the beginning would seem difficult for you. But tell yourself, this is what you do for good.

Take care of one another. The same approach to weight loss doesn't work for everyone. Keep track of the methods that are coming to your benefit. Try something else if you don't work in a single method.

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