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What is healthy food? As scientists and doctors are doing more research, they're finding that in fact the conventional wisdom on what's healthy is wrong for about 80% of the population, which is why there's such an abundance of Metabolic Syndrome and Hyperinsulinemia in today's society.


New discoveries

I'm sure you've heard the various reports in the media that sugar is poison, but what you've probably not heard is that things like bread, pasta, rice, cereals and other heavily processed foods (ie most of what's in boxes on the supermarket shelves) have a glycemic index and insulinemic response even greater than eating raw sugar by the spoonful.

That's right; converted to glucose faster than raw sugar.

So what's the solution?

What they're finding out is that a Low Carb, High Fat diet is actually much more suitable for us as people.

Especially us people who have been abusing our pancreas and liver with 30+ years of continual carbohydrate and insulin exposure.

The paradigm shift is to switch to low “easy” carbohydrate, high fibrous carbohydrate foods (that require more energy to process the fibre than total energy in the food) such as cruciferous (leafy greens) and other non-starchy, non-legume vegetables. You obviously have the ability to manipulate your diet within the allowable foods to suit your own lifestyle and allergies etc. There's plenty of yummy things for you to eat.

Unfortunately though, this involves cutting way back on high sugar fruits, and all but eliminating sugar, wheat, legumes, rice, pasta, breads, cereals, potatoes, chips, noodles, and most processed, prepackaged foods.

The really scary part

So cutting back on the yummy breads, lollies, and chips (OMG, not the CHIPS!!!) isn't the worst part. Brace yourself...

When you switch to a low carb diet, your body turns on a mode of operation that is known as fat burning (or ketosis), so you need higher fat foods (foods that would make you fat if you're carb burning [or glycolysis]), like fish, meat, eggs, avocado, nuts, full fat, low lactose dairy, and good oils (high in omega 3, low in omega 6 and trans-fats).

I understand that this is a scary thought for many as we're taught that fat is bad, and in fact, it is... when you're getting your energy from carbohydrates.

You see, when you're full of insulin, one of it's jobs is to take fats and throw them into storage (fat cells). So any fat you eat when you have insulin in your blood gets stored away for a rainy day.

But when there are no rainy days, you just keep storing it. And getting fatter. And fatter. And sicker. Etc...

The very worst thing you can do is eat a burger, chips and soda with Sugars, Proteins and Fats all mixed together in a heavenly cocktail of the perfect poison.

Wait no burgers!?

Yup, you've known for years that Burgers (Sugar+Protein+Fat), Chips (Sugars+Fats), Icecream (Sugar+Fat), Chocolates (Sugar+Fat), Lollies (Sugar and more Sugar) and Soda (Heaps and heaps of Sugar) etc can't be good for you, and it turns out that, yes you were right. But not because of the Sugar or the Fat, but the combination of both, and generally the overloading of Sugar.

When your body runs out of carbs, the natural body process begins to unpack the stored fats. Just like we used to do in the olden-days (like 200+ years ago when we didn't have supermarkets, harvesters, tractors, genetic modifications)

Ok, what about cholesterol then, smarty pants?!

Yup, that too is caused by carbohydrates. It's been proved over and over again in buried studies that eating cholesterol doesn't cause cholesterol. Not having enough fats and lipos to make good cholesterol causes your body to make sickly pathetic excuses for cholesterol called LDL type B which can't do the job it's supposed to and just messes up the whole system.

Ok, so I'm doing alright, why would I want to stop eating all this yummy stuff?

Adopting such a lifestyle has massive benefits such as increased mental capacity, repair of degenerative diseases at a cellular level, all but cure of diabetes and other metabolic disorders (such as hyperinsulinemia, Alzheimer's and dementia), massive improvement in cognitive disorders such as autism spectrum disorder, autoimmune diseases, prevention of gestational diabetes, reversal of PCOS, ALS, CVD and CHD, ED and fertility problems, improvement in cases of depression and anxiety, general increase in energy levels and libido, stalling and reversal of even quite serious cancers, reduction of severity (and sometimes complete reversal of) bronchial asthma, oh and that little thing called obesity.

When you're fat burning, your body begins a repair and maintenance process (which is shut down when your entire body is focussed on fat storage) to fix up broken cells. Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (one of the fuels which you use when you burn fat), also has massive anti-inflammatory hormone-like effect on many systems in your body.

Your body was not meant to run in this mode 24x7x365. Your body's metabolism has 2 modes of operation, Anabolic (like the steroid, it means “get bigger”) and Catabolic. The body simply cannot operate continually in the Anabolic state forever without a massive amount of exercise. To get out of this terrible situation, we simply need to switch back to the Catabolic mode, and get better, lose that weight, maintain and repair the body, not be hungry all the time, have plenty of energy, think better, live better, healthier, less medicine riddled lives.

This is rubbish, if all this were true, everyone would know about it.


I'm no conspiracy theorist, but even I can see there's a lot of money at stake here, and pharmaceutical companies, food companies and the industries surrounding it are fighting with every ounce of their ability to debunk, distract, disprove, deny, damage, distress and discommode.

They're buying politicians, doctors, scientists, governing bodies and support organizations to back them up and produce policies that suit themselves, and selectively staged studies that seem to disprove the efficacies of the things that actually do work.

When that doesn't work, bringing out the hammer and intimidating, litigating and revoking medical licenses for anyone who steps out of line and recommends foods or diets outside of the currently established nutritional guidelines.

It's not personal, they don't want you to die, they want you to live a long life, buying their products, getting sicker, then buying their medicine and getting better, then buying more food, then when you're worn out and not good for earning anymore, well then you can just die quietly somewhere, broken and useless.

So what can you do?

Get more information. Don't take my word for it, do the research for yourself. Start now, before you and your loved ones get any sicker.

If you're interested in studying the research behind this, I recommend heading over to which is a great jumping off point. Be warned, it's like going down the rabbit hole.

Also feel free to check out my own testimonial here:
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And my wife @krazdang has hers here:
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Then check out the #LCHF and #paleo communities here on Steemit. (Paleo if done right can be a LCHF lifestyle, but if done wrong can also be HCLF as it doesn't make distinction between high and low carb “real foods”, so be careful.)

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Thanks for this very informative post. I'm looking forward to read more post of yours especially about people who eats a lot yet still skinny like me.

This basically comes down to how fast your body can process blood sugars (metabolism), and how well adapted your body is to the foods you eat (ancestry).

For a lot of us with diabetes, and weight related issues, we simply have bodies that aren't really good at processing blood sugars as we have a low metabolism and we come from a lineage that has been traditionally non-carbohydrate eaters.

Whereas some peoples have been eating rice and other carbohydrates for millenia and are well adapted.

If you come from a lineage where your ancestors have been eating large amounts of carbohydrate based foods, it's very likely that you're well adapted and have a high metabolic rate to be able to process them quickly without them harming your body.

It's also likely that your culture has at some point discovered the benefits of intermittent fasting to be able to reset and heal the body.

Many of today's issues are from people who aren't used to eating carbs, eating them all the time and never fasting.

Eating carbs 24/7/365 is good for business, but bad for your bodies. If people would just learn to only eat for at most 8 hours during the day and fast the other 16, many of today's health problems would be solved.

Anyhow, thanks for commenting on my post, I enjoyed reading your introduction post! :)

It is beyond low carb, it is also in they way they grow the foods these days.

I remember everyone eating peanuts and peanut butter as children... now so many have severe allergies to them. Pesticides, GMO, something else.... you are what you eat... many are walking dead.

Agreed 100%.

The betrayal of the public trust… It's so much worse than big tobacco, mainly because there's such a well coordinated game of magic cups going on between all the involved actors, that people can't even make the mental linkage between: What I'm eating = Death.

At least with cigarettes, everyone knew what was killing them. Now it's literally everything they're being sold to eat, unless they go way out of their way to research and fix things for themselves.

I mean, I'm not so far along the path that I can't remember; sure you heard the odd news article or reporter or something telling you sugar's bad, bread's bad, pesticides are bad, get organic, get grass fed, grow your own, and thinking “Sure, what a crack pot”. Cause we're totally doing fine, right? Until you're not. Then come the meds. Then you get sicker…

I can't wait for the population to open their eyes and finally be able see… maybe that day we'll all start healing together, if it's not too late.

We are currently making the transition away from manufactured and pesticide grown foods for many of the reasons you note here and many others.

While none of us have serious health problems and we are on the skinny side, my wife and I have been steadily losing weight and feeling better.

There are literally billions of dollars (hundreds of billions) per year invested in keeping us eating what amount to slow poisons, especially when you consider genetically modified seed ownership, industrial farming, the health care (sickness) industry, and various other intertwined topics.

There is a conspiracy
This can easily be seen by looking at some of these large mega corporations and how they go about preventing people from knowing what they are eating.

While most would consider one massive corporation as unable to conduct a conspiracy... many people within some of these corporations work together to ensure their bottom line doesn't disappear... and they all pretty much refuse to acknowledge what they are doing.

Low carb diets were the only ones that were able to make me lose weight.

Awesome. Are you still on the low carb, or did you have to stop?

Well, Christmas came and I had to give it a break lol
but I have already started again. The results I got last year were just to good for me to stop.

Have you also increased your natural fats?