7 Essential Oils To Combat Stress

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If you’re an anxious person or prone to stress, chances are you’ve spent ample time trying to figure out how to lower your stress so that you can have a happier outlook on life and be a more productive person overall, and if that’s the case, I'm here to make the recommendation for seeking the soothing powers of essential oils.

Admittedly I'm new to the essential oils scene, but I LOVE it already. In fact, as I type this I'm running a lavender and eucalyptus blend in my new oil diffuser.

Did someone say eucalyptus?

If you’re skeptical, a Ruhr University study showed that essential oils affect numerous biological factors, from heart rate to blood pressure, immune function, breathing, and yes, stress. Different oils have different effects on individuals, and while some may be stimulating, others are known to be quite calming, and those are the ones we’re going to focus on today. Below are the top 7 essential oils to combat stress and alleviate anxiety.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is known as one of the most common and best essential oils to rid yourself of anxiety. It’s been said to have the same effects of the drug lorazepam; however, given that it’s a natural substance, it doesn’t carry the same negative side effects as the prescribed alternative and it isn’t addictive. Studies show that when inhaling lavender oil, the healing and calming effect works its way through our bloodstream resulting in alleviated pain and muscle relaxation, making it a great tool to use if you're someone that have difficulty falling or staying asleep at night. Additionally, it’s floral aroma is known to improve mental concentration, calming your nerves and thereby reducing any stress you may be carrying.


Chamomile Oil

If you’ve caught yourself reaching for a soothing cup of chamomile tea as you wind down for the day, then you have already experienced the calming effects of chamomile. The reason people do this is that chamomile has a natural ability to enhance our inner harmony and calm our body down particularly after a long, stressful day. Not only does chamomile aid in relieving us of stress, but it’s been shown to have fantastic antidepressant properties as well. It has also proven to be an almost superhero when it comes to a wide variety of our bodily functions, from improving our cardiovascular system, enhancing our immune system, and even protecting against various forms of cancer and bone disease. It’s an oil that has been used for generations on people of all ages that is showing no sign of slowing down.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint can be a great flavorful addition to your evening tea, but did you know about the many health benefits it carries, too? Peppermint has been frequently used to relieve headaches and cure brain fog, and even used to help patients with Irritable Bowl Syndrome, but beyond that, it is one of the top tier essential oils for stress. It’s more of a preventative oil rather than a reactive oil like chamomile, so it’s best utilized when incorporating into your daily diet and a precautionary measure. It contains menthol which is the natural anesthetic that gives the user that cool, tingling sensation when ingested, but it’s the uplifting aroma that alleviates your anxiety and mental fatigue to help you settle into a calm and collected mindset making it a go-to for high-performance athletes who need to feel ready for a big performance or competition.

Bergamot Oil

If you’re unfamiliar with Begamot, you’re going to want to listen up. It’s one of the main ingredients in Earl Grey tea and is used to increase energy and has been successful is treatments for depression given its ability to induce relaxation in the user and reduce stressors. In a study that saw patients in waiting rooms utilize Bergamot oil to see how it affects their bodies under times of immense stress, as it would be with waiting to see a doctor or a surgeon, Bergomot oil was shown to increase positive feelings in the room. In another study that blended Beromot with Lavender, it was seen to significantly reduce blood pressure and pulse rates, so next time you’re feeling anxious, breath in some bergamot oil!

Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang Ylang is one of the more popular essential oils because it serves a variety of needs, but most impressive is its ability to not only calm, but completely uplift and encourage its users to project a more optimistic outlook on life as it stifles general fears. It has been known to calm heart palpitations and agitation and is also a decently effective moderate sedative making it highly useful for people looking to treat their insomnia. Additionally, it is one of the few essential oils seen to be able to effectively combat anger-induced stress and bring forth a feeling of immediate calmness. An important note about ylang ylang is that it is best avoided if used by someone with low blood pressure, so consult a physician if you’re not sure to make sure it’s the right essential oil for you.

Clary Sage Oil

Clary Sage is also known to promote a feeling of sudden euphoria as it induces positive vibes, joy, and pleasure making it a great asset to use to ward off depression and anxiety. It’s a mild sedative and is known to help relieve hypertension in addition to having many antibacterial properties and improve the strength and youthfulness of skin.

Rose Oil

Rose Oil tends to follow Lavender in its popularity for relieving stress and anxiety and it has been shown to assist with relieving panic attacks, grief, and even sudden onset shock. It is said that only a tiny dab is needed in order to start seeing the powerful benefits of rose oil as it quickly works to promote peace and tranquility within the user, so if you’re feeling a little down or worried, it’s time for some rose oil.

Well, that's my overview on the top essential oils to help you reduce your stress levels. If you liked this post and would like more similar content, follow, comment, and let me know!

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Voted this high, as I am genuinely interested in ESSENTIAL OILS ♦♦ IN Fact, I've about 9 of them in my home right now.

One I use during the Winter months = Germ Shield Oil

When am going out, I put a drop in ea. nostril (this protects me fm germs). Anyhoo, I Loved your #Images and your Knowledge !

While I knew of Lavender, Chamomile & Peppermint (which I often use), I didnt know of Bergomot oil ♦♦ Was quite SURPRISED to Learn of the Study & that Patients became more positive ☻

The Blending of Lavender & bergomot oil = Will HAVE To TRY !
Like that it can reduce pulse rate **

P.S. - just found out Clary sage oil mixes well w/ #Rosemary - excited To Try !
(as I can use it to mix w/ Jojoba Oil, in my hair) * See ARTICLE here:


Followed you, & will re-steem this ♦♦ Keep doing these posts

very nice and useful information ,thanks for it


Thank you for reading I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Nice blog, Hope that the organic store sells one of these oils so I can test it.

I found this very useful and I just sent it to my mum :-) Thank you for sharing.

If I were to suggest you do anything differently about the already fantastic post, I would ask that you mention the sources of the images... even so if they are original ;-)

Steem on...



I'm glad you enjoyed it Akpan. Thank you for your feedback! I will source the images going forward :)


Your publication is very productive @ thisisjaimee. This issue of stres is one of the most important current in the world of medicine, since the stres represents one of the emotional risk factors that contributes to further progression and trigger in many diseases, by reducing the stres we are improving many diseases, it is good to put these oils into use.

Love oils! I am a massage therapist and use them daily! I have seen their benefits first hand!

Fantastic list. I like to use a lavender spray on my pillow before sleeping - if nothing else, it's a lovely smell that reminds me to breathe slowly and mindfully get ready for bed. Awesome list, will try some of the others out too! I need to invest in a diffuser.


Highly recommend investing in a diffuser!! I feel like my day is not complete without a little aromatherapy session now :D

Hello! I am Akpan, and I work with a renowned curation guild in this community. Your post got featured in my weekly Curator Remark Anthology and I thought you might want to check out why I picked your post among the hundreds I go through on an average week.

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So much excellent information. I started experimenting with essential oil about a year ago. I LOVE lavender and jasmine mainly because they smell SO good. I haven't really paid attention to why I should buy one based on health/mood benefits. This post is a good bookmark to have haha.

Thanks for sharing! A little late but still resteeming this!


Thank you so much @cabernet ! I'll be writing more about the different oils and their benefits in the future so keep an eye out :)

Do you have a favorite maker of the oils?


I don't know that I have a favorite yet per say, but right now I am all about Tisserand. I was recently given some Essenza oils that I also quite enjoy!

Lavender Oil

YES. I swear by this stuff... Great for migraines.

Also it's my favourite scent. And colour.