Healthy Sundays : The Ultimate morning drink

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"To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."


We grew up hearing these things, things like "health is wealth" and yet most of us are not treating our bodies like the temple it is. I think one of the biggest challenges with starting a healthy lifestyle is that the change feels enormous. All that leaf eating and all that workout ever damn day. What if someday I want to eat a burger. Ahhhhh, jail! Must.Not.Change.Lifestyle.

Our brain just backs out big time because it is designed to not let us try new things, especially on a large scale and so we must try and trick it. Start extremely small. Change one little habit. Come aboard and let's change one habit a week. This Monday I will adopt the habit of drinking this particular drink which is insanely healthy and known worldwide for is health benefits!

Lemon-Honey-Ginger Tea


Let us look at the health benefits of this concoction and see what all the fuss is about!

  1. Citric acid present in the lemon helps in neutralizing free radicals present in our body and help flush out the toxins.

  2. Honey and lemon in hot water has been proven as an excellent weight loss drink as it increases the metabolism, promotes healthy bowel movements hence putting our body in a fat burning mode.

  3. Honey is an excellent energy booster and a great anti-bacterial. A cup of it in the morning will pump you up and give you a great kick-start to the day. It also increases the immunity!

  4. Ginger promotes digestion and prevents nausea and heartburn. It happens to have strong anti-inflammatory properties, it increases secretion of insulin hence helping in keeping the diabetes away. I happen to know that it helps with menstrual cramps as well as I have tried it myself.

  5. Being rich in anti-oxidants this tea gives you a great skin, hair and well overall it gives tons of goodness to your body.

Best time to drink this is in the morning and empty stomach, though you can make this drink and store it in the refrigerator as well. For summer time it's a great drink and a good replacement for all those aerated drinks. It'll keep you cool and energetic through out the day!

How to make: Cut up some ginger and add it to a cup of water and boil this water. You can also add the ginger after the water is boiled if you want a more dilute flavor. To this water add a spoon full of honey and some fresh lemon juice. Easy and quick.

I have decided to give this a go, so join me and let's get healthy together!

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Written by @things, 2018. All rights reserved.

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Cool,but i skip mornings.Anything for afternoon? :)


You can actually drink this whenever you decide to wake up. You can drink this during the day too, hot or cold!

Nice, I usually don't taking tea very early I'm the morning but see the benefits of taking honey, ginger and lime tea I will start doing that first thing in the morning. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post , it is very helpful


You are very welcome. Let's see the changes after a week!


Great post, thank you for putting this together!

I often get lazy with my morning lemon water, but decided that starting today I would make a new habit out of it, thanks for the little push on that one. 😉

I love the fact that is helps the body in expelling toxins, since nowadays we can seem to manage to stay away from all the chemical stuff in foods, cosmetic products, medications and even our water and air. Continuous detox processes are taking place in our body and without a proper support we easily accumulated toxins and suffer from health issues in the long run.

I've experienced it myself and am now on an extensive healing journey. Lemon-ginger water (as a vegan I will leave out the honey) is just the perfect addition to my detox regime. 👌


I myself have faced alot of issues specially digestion kind and that's why I'm always looking for things which make me feel energetic and helps me with excretion of these toxins. I'm also trying to lose some weight. So far it's been challenging to keep up the healthy lifestyle going. But I'm trying my best and I'm glad it gave you the push you needed. I think ginger and lemon alone are enough to give you everything you need. Ginger actually Is a better anti-inflammatory agent as compared to anti biotics even.


Health is the most important part in life, in my opinion - since if we are not healthy, everything else is so much less fun :D But we always have to remind us not to be too harsh on ourselves. Every step in the right direction is helping our body towards more vibrancy and health, even if we struggle some times.

I had a very bad tonsillitis a few months back and tried a lot of natural remedies to heal it by myself, without touching any chemical antibiotics. And ginger was actually one of them. Although such a intense tonsillitis can take weeks to heal, mine was gone in a matter of a few days - nature is so powerful, right?

Have a great start into the week!

Great post. My sister actually made this the other day. Synchronicity!! 👍


Synchronicity indeed! Once again, Thank you.